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An In-Depth Look at POE Cameras and Systems

POE, or Power Over Ethernet, cameras are revolutionizing security camera systems with their ability to transmit both data and power over a single Ethernet cable. As POE cameras become more popular, many homeowners and businesses are interested to learn about the technology, key components of a POE system, top POE camera models, and ideal setups for different use cases.

What is a POE Camera and How Does it Work?

A POE camera is a security camera that receives both power and data over an Ethernet cable rather than requiring a separate power cord. POE cameras use Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) to inject low-voltage direct electrical current into the Ethernet cable. The POE network switch then detects POE cameras and other powered devices (PDs) and delivers the necessary power.

This key innovation eliminates the need to install nearby power outlets for each security camera. It allows POE cameras to be installed in more locations by conveniently delivering the DC power needed to operate them along with control signals over a single, inexpensive Cat5e or Cat6 Ethernet cable up to 100 meters long.

Benefits of POE Security Camera Systems

There are many notable benefits that make POE cameras an appealing choice over analog or wifi security camera systems:

  • Simplified Installation - No need to connect each camera to an AC power outlet since power is delivered over the Ethernet cable. This allows installation in more locations.

  • Centralized Power - POE switches can deliver power efficiently to all connected POE cameras from one central location.

  • Better Image Quality - POE cameras transmit digital video for higher resolution, faster frame rates and analytic capabilities.

  • Single Cable Solution - Reduces cabling requirements since one Cat5e/Cat6 cable handles both power and data transmission.

  • Flexible Scalability - It's easy to add more POE cameras without running additional power cables.

  • Cost-Effective - Although POE camera system components have a higher upfront cost, the single cable solution and flexibility save on installation expenses and time.

Key Components of a POE Security Camera System

A complete POE surveillance camera system requires a few key hardware components:

  • POE Security Cameras - The POE cameras capture and transmit video over the Ethernet network cabling. Models include indoor POE dome cameras and outdoor POE bullet cameras.

  • POE Network Switch - Also called POE Injectors or POE Switches. These special network switches inject power along with data over the Ethernet cables.

  • Network Video Recorder (NVR) - The NVR manages recording, compression and storage of the video feeds from multiple POE IP cameras. NVRs often allow live remote viewing access too.

  • Ethernet Cabling - Shielded Cat5e and Cat6 cables connect the POE cameras to the centralized network switch to carry both power and data. Outdoor-rated cables can withstand environmental factors.

  • Monitoring Device - A security monitor, computer or mobile device connected to the network is needed to view live or recorded POE camera feeds remotely.

Supplemental components like wifi extenders, routers, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), switches, racks and mounts may be added as needed.

5 Exceptional POE Security Camera Models

Here are some of the best POE security camera options from top brands like Avigilon, Verkada, and Rhombus:

  • Avigilon H5A Multisensor - This flexible multi-sensor POE dome camera combines two 4K imaging sensors for dual 180° views to deliver complete situational awareness. Its self-learning video analytics detect objects and alert operators in real-time.

    Avigilon H5A Multisensor Camera - Ecl-ips
  • Verkada Bullet 5MP - Offers crystal clear 5MP video and advanced software features like people/vehicle detection powered by onboard machine learning processors. Designed to withstand harsh conditions.

    Verkada 5MP CB51-E Outdoor Bullet Camera, 30 Days of Storage (CB51-30E-HW)
  • Rhombus R510 Bullet Camera - An outdoor-ready 5MP bullet POE camera with rugged metal housing that provides a 92° field of view. Supports H.265 video compression and clear footage in low light scenes.

    Rhombus R510 Bullet Security Camera
  • Avigilon H6A Dome - Provides sharp, high-resolution 6MP video and 30x zoom capabilities for a detailed view over expansive spaces. Its POE-powered PTZ mechanism smoothly tracks people and vehicles.

    Avigilon 6.0C-H6A-D1 IP Dome camera Specifications | Avigilon IP Dome  cameras
  • Verkada Multi-Sensor Dome - Combines three 1080p sensors for superior situational awareness covering full 180° views with dewarping. It embeds onboard processing for edge-based analytics.

    Verkada CH52-E Multisensor Security Camera

These advanced POE cameras offer performance, intelligence and resilience for reliable video surveillance and insightful situational awareness. Contact us today about building a customized system around your security requirements using models like these.

Ideal POE Setup for Business

For business security, install 10-20 higher resolution POE cameras including PTZ models to monitor parking lots, entrances/exits, hallways, loading docks and inventory storage areas. Bullet cameras and vandal-resistant domes with two-way audio allow communication at entry points if desired. Use an enterprise-grade POE switch and high capacity NVR to manage the numerous video feeds. Integrate analytics to automatically flag suspicious activity or infractions for efficient incident response.


POE camera technology simplifies installing and expanding robust IP camera networks with many advantages over traditional analog CCTV or wifi cameras. Choose POE cameras strategically based on your coverage and image quality needs. Connect them to a POE network switch and NVR to build a high performance system with flexible centralized management and scalability. POE surveillance solutions provide business owners and institutions with an innovative platform to protect people and property.

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