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Gate Entry System Installation in Atlanta, GA

Explore our advanced entry systems, including ButterflyMX and Doorking, designed to provide secure, convenient access control solutions for your premises.

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Understanding Entry Systems and Their Benefits 

Entry systems are advanced solutions that redefine access control, offering secure, convenient, and efficient ways to manage your tenants guests, visitors and deliveries.


Enhanced Security: Modern entry systems bolster security by enabling residents to confirm visitor identities before granting access, deterring unauthorized entry, and enhancing overall property safety.


Convenience for Residents: Residents can easily grant access to guests or service providers using a mobile app or intercom system, simplifying guest management.


Efficient Visitor Management: These systems streamline visitor tracking, recording entry events and maintaining logs. Property managers can efficiently oversee access and receive notifications for enhanced control

Best Tele Entry and Video Intercom Systems 

ButterflyMX Entry System

ButterflyMX is a cutting-edge entry system that combines video intercom and smart access control. It allows residents or tenants to remotely communicate with visitors and grant access via a mobile app. ButterflyMX provides a secure and convenient way to manage guest access, with features like visitor logs and instant notifications. It's known for its sleek design and user-friendly interface.

Doorking Entry System

Doorking offers robust entry solutions suitable for a variety of properties, from residential to commercial. Their systems provide secure gate and door access control, with options for call boxes, card readers, and telephone entry systems. Doorking is recognized for its reliability and durability, making it a popular choice for access control.

Avigilon Alta Entry System

Avigilon Alta combines video surveillance and access control, offering comprehensive security solutions. Their entry systems provide video intercom capabilities, allowing residents to visually verify visitors and grant access remotely. Avigilon Alta is known for its high-definition video quality and seamless integration with other security systems, making it a top choice for advanced security needs.

Modern Entry System Features

Remote Control

Manage access remotely via smartphones, including video calls, unlocking doors, and issuing virtual keys for guests, enhancing convenience and security.

Enhanced Security

Verify visitor identities through video calls, while our package room solution ensures secure package deliveries with instant notifications.

Frictionless Access

Multiple access options, from mobile apps to key cards, ensure easy and reliable entry.

Intelligent Voice Interface

Our entry systems streamline visitor management with an intelligent voice interface, allowing visitors to easily announce themselves or interact with receptionists, enhancing the guest experience.

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Entry System Comparison: Modern Solutions vs. Outdated Methods

Discover the Advantages of Modern Entry Systems Over Outdated Methods

Cloud Camera Systems 

  • Enhanced Security: Modern entry systems provide advanced security features, including video verification and remote access control, reducing the risk of unauthorized entry.
  • Convenience: Residents can remotely manage property access through smartphones, granting entry to guests, service providers, and couriers, enhancing convenience.
  • Efficient Visitor Management: These systems offer streamlined visitor management, recording entry events, and providing notifications for efficient control over property access.
  • Package Room Integration: Some modern entry systems integrate with package rooms, allowing couriers to securely deliver packages with notifications sent to residents.
  • Hands-Free Access: Many modern systems support hands-free access methods like Wave to Unlock, mobile apps, key cards, and fobs, enhancing user convenience.

On Premise Camera Systems

  • Limited Security: Without a modern entry system, properties may have limited security measures, making them vulnerable to unauthorized access.
  • Inconvenience: Residents must rely on physical keys or outdated access methods, resulting in inconvenience and slower access control.
  • Visitor Management Challenges: Managing visitors can be cumbersome, with no efficient recording or notification systems in place.
  • Package Handling Issues: Properties without modern entry systems may struggle with secure package deliveries and notifications.
  • Lack of Hands-Free Access: Residents miss out on the convenience of hands-free access methods available in modern systems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Our Entry Systems

Q What is a modern entry system?


    A modern entry system is an advanced access control solution that allows property owners and residents to manage access to their premises using digital platforms. It typically includes features like video intercoms, mobile app access, and visitor management capabilities.

    Q How does a video intercom work with these systems?


    Video intercoms integrated into modern entry systems enable visitors to communicate with residents or tenants via video and audio. Residents can see and speak to visitors through their smartphones or dedicated hardware, granting or denying access remotely.

    Q What are the key benefits of modern entry systems?


    Modern entry systems enhance security by verifying visitors' identities, offer convenience for residents through remote access management, streamline visitor management, and provide real-time notifications of access events.

    Q Can these systems be integrated with legacy access control systems?


    Yes, many modern entry systems are interoperable and backward compatible, allowing integration with legacy access control systems. They can also connect to logical software systems and existing video systems.

    Q Can I revoke access for virtual keys sent to friends or family?


    Absolutely, one of the advantages of modern entry systems is the ability to easily revoke access. If you've sent virtual keys to friends or family, you can remove their access permissions at any time through the system's mobile app or platform.

    Q How do these systems handle package deliveries?


    If equipped with a package room solution, modern entry systems allow couriers to enter a delivery PIN to drop off packages securely. Tenants receive notifications on their smartphones when packages are delivered, ensuring a seamless package management process.

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