Weapons Detection Systems

At iS3 Tech, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide efficient touchless security screening systems that are guaranteed to enhance the safety and security of your facility.

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Touchless Screening for Your Building

What Are Weapons Detection Systems?

Weapons detection systems like Evolv are advanced security technologies designed to identify concealed weapons in public places. These systems have gained prominence due to increasing concerns about public safety and security.

Advantages of Touchless Security Screening Solutions

Touchless security screening solutions offer numerous advantages that make them a superior choice. With advanced technology such as AI and machine learning, touchless security screening solutions provide accurate and reliable results, minimizing false alarms and ensuring maximum security.


Fast and Efficient: Quickly screen individuals and the items they have with them so your lines can move quickly and reduce overhead.


Minimizes Lines: Weapons Detection technology can distinguish between a firearm, coins, and keys, allowing your visitors to avoid the inconvenience of emptying their pockets and handbags.


Enhanced Security: Minimize the level of physical interaction between your security personnel and your visitors by utilizing targeted alarm resolution with the assistance of images

Weapons Detection Systems for Schools, Stadiums, Venues & More


Venues Frequently Bundle Weapons Detection With






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How Do Weapons Detection Systems Work?

The system employs specialized sensors that can detect a wide range of metallic and non-metallic threats. These sensors are designed to be sensitive enough to pick up on the signatures of various weapons, including guns and knives, while also being able to discern these from everyday items like keys, coins, or smartphones.

How Fast Do The Systems Identify Potential Threats?

In Real-Time. As individuals pass through the screening area, the system quickly scans and analyzes their belongings in real-time. This rapid analysis allows for a smooth flow of people through the screening checkpoint without the need for stopping, emptying pockets, or removing bags.

How Does It Improve The Guest Experience?

The system offers a touchless experience, meaning individuals can walk through the screening area without physical contact or having to undergo manual bag checks. This not only speeds up the process but also enhances the comfort and privacy of those being screened.

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