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How safe is your facility Access Control Vulnerabilities

How safe is your facility? – Access Control Vulnerabilities John and I talk about facility Access Control systems and some of the vulnerabilities! Andy Terrell: Okay, let’s get this thing started. Good morning, everybody. Happy Friday, and hope your working from home is smoothly happening and there’s some sort of normalcy in your life. Although …

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How Does Remote Video Monitoring Work?

Remote video monitoring is a service that many organizations contemplate, but few truly understand until they see it in action. If you’re a business owner concerned about loss prevention and property crime, it’s time you found out what remote video monitoring can do for your security.

A Quick Checklist for Assessing Campus Security

College and university security plans are challenging to develop. The campus constantly grows and evolves, making it essential to re-assess your security plan regularly. A multi-layered, security equipment-oriented approach to security is necessary to enhance campus safety. There are several things to look at when upgrading your current plan or developing and implementing a new one.