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iS3 is Atlanta's premier authorized LenelS2 authorized dealer, offering expert LenelS2 Security solutions for over a decade.

Key Advantages of Choosing LenelS2 Security Solutions

Discover the unparalleled benefits of LenelS2 with iS3, where advanced integration, scalable customization, and insightful security intelligence converge to protect and optimize your facility. Explore how our expertise in LenelS2 delivers comprehensive security solutions tailored to your needs.

LenelS2 - Advanced Integration Capabilities

LenelS2 - Scalable and Customizable Solutions

LenelS2 - Unrivaled Security and Operational Insights

LenelS2 - Advanced Integration Capabilities

  • Integrates access control, video surveillance, and mobile solutions into a cohesive security system.
  • Promotes enhanced situational awareness and streamlined security operations.
  • Enables efficient incident response and user-friendly management through a unified interface.
  • Facilitates collaboration and information sharing among security personnel.
  • iS3 ensures seamless system integration, maximizing the effectiveness of your LenelS2 solution.

LenelS2 - Scalable and Customizable Solutions

  • Designed to support security needs from small businesses to large, complex enterprises.
  • Offers the flexibility to customize security features and functionalities to specific requirements.
  • Easily scales to accommodate organizational growth or changes in security demands.
  • Supports a wide range of integrations with third-party systems and technologies.
  • iS3's expertise in LenelS2 enables tailored solutions that deliver both security and operational efficiency.

LenelS2 - Unrivaled Security and Operational Insights

  • Provides actionable intelligence through advanced analytics and data insights.
  • Enhances security posture with real-time monitoring and anomaly detection.
  • Delivers detailed reporting for informed decision-making and compliance management.
  • Facilitates proactive risk management and incident prevention strategies.
  • iS3 utilizes LenelS2's insights to help clients optimize their security framework and business operations.

Comprehensive Access Control Solutions 

LenelS2 Security Suite is designed for ease, offering an intuitive and innovative user experience without complexity.

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LenelS2 Comprehensive Access Control

  • Unmatched Access Management: Provides robust control over who can access your facilities, ensuring security and compliance.
  • Flexible Authentication Methods: Supports a wide range of authentication methods, including mobile credentials, biometrics, and traditional cards.
  • Tailored Access Rights: Customizable access levels and schedules for different user groups, enhancing security protocols.
  • Remote Management Capabilities: Manage access permissions and monitor entry points from anywhere, at any time.
  • Integration with Video Surveillance: Pair access events with video footage for comprehensive security oversight.
LenelS2 video integration with security camera

Intelligent Video Surveillance

  • Advanced Video Analytics: Utilize powerful analytics for motion detection, object recognition, and anomaly detection.
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts: Stay informed with live video feeds and instant alerts on security events.
  • High-Definition Video Quality: Capture clear, actionable video footage under various conditions.
  • Scalable Storage Solutions: Flexible video storage options to meet your data retention requirements.
  • Easy Retrieval and Review: Quickly locate and review critical video segments for incident investigation and response.
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Mobile Security Management

  • On-the-Go Security Operations: Access your security system from a mobile device, enabling swift decision-making and response.
  • Mobile Credentials for Access Control: Use smartphones as secure access credentials, offering convenience and reduced touchpoints.
  • Push Notifications for Instant Updates: Receive real-time security alerts and updates directly to your mobile device.
  • Remote Door Control and Lockdown: Secure or lockdown facilities remotely during emergencies or security breaches.
  • Visual Verification with Mobile Video: Access live and recorded video feeds through your mobile device for immediate situation assessment.

LenelS2 Products and Solutions 

LenelS2's advanced security suite delivers a full spectrum of cutting-edge video surveillance and access control products and services, encompassing an end-to-end solution for robust protection and oversight.

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