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Lenel S2 NetBox VR Quatro

NetBox and NetVR Integrated in a Single, Efficient, and Cost-Saving Device

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NetBox: Scalable and User-Friendly Access Control Systems

The NetBox VR Quatro system seamlessly merges the capabilities of the NetBox access control system with the NetVR video management system, offering a comprehensive suite of features. Users can access access control, event monitoring, video surveillance, and video forensics through the web browser interfaces of NetBox and NetVR, the Magic Monitor client, or the Mobile Security Professional mobile app, providing a versatile and integrated security solution.

Access control via web browser


Effortlessly merges with current infrastructure


Streamlined security management across all platforms

NetBox: Your Comprehensive, Integrative Access Control Solution

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Effortless and Universal Browser Accessibility

NetBox access control systems boast universal accessibility, enabling connection from any web-capable device without the need for specific operating systems. Their adaptability ensures seamless integration with existing setups and peripherals, all without necessitating any software installations, thus streamlining the deployment process.


Integrated Security at Your Fingertips

The integration of NetBox systems with LenelS2 NetVR and VRx video management solutions offers a cohesive management and administrative platform. Coupled with the Magic Monitor client, it delivers a unified interface for accessing access events, video feeds, and live internet content, enhancing situational awareness. Compatibility with third-party video management systems further extends its utility.

Access Control

Comprehensive Control for Enhanced Security

NetBox systems come equipped with an array of features, including management of person records and cardholders, monitoring of events and alarms, escalation of threat levels, and comprehensive reporting, making it a fully featured access control solution.

Api Cloud

Versatility Through Open API

The open-source API of NetBox systems promotes extensive integration capabilities, allowing for seamless interaction with a diverse range of third-party services and systems, from HR databases to elevator and HVAC controls, amplifying its adaptability and functionality.

Key Features of NetBox Access Control Systems

Access Control Features:

  • Portals: Manages up to 8 doors or access points for versatile security coverage.
  • Event and Alarm Monitoring: Ensures vigilant security with detailed event logs, instant notifications, and efficient escalation processes.
  • Threat Level Management: Enables customizable system statuses and responses, including lockdown capabilities for enhanced protection.
  • Person Record Management: Keeps accurate, credential-based user records and access history for secure entry management.
  • Reporting: Provides both standard and customizable reporting options for in-depth security analysis.

Video Management Capabilities:

  • Cameras: Supports up to 8 IP cameras, allowing for comprehensive surveillance coverage.
  • Real-Time Surveillance: Offers live video tours and on-screen PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) controls for dynamic monitoring.
  • Forensic Search: Quickly locates specific video content with a click, storing it in the case library for easy retrieval.
  • Storage Options: Comes with either 2TB or 4TB media drive for ample video storage.

System Advantages:

  • All-In-One System: Combines access control with video management in a single, integrated system for streamlined security operations.
  • Web Interface: Provides a browser-based interface for unified system management and administration, accessible anywhere.
  • Solid State Design: Enhances durability and reduces maintenance costs, thereby extending the product's lifecycle.
  • Blade Support: Accommodates up to four LenelS2 application blades, adding flexibility for access control, inputs, outputs, and temperature monitoring.
  • Mobile Apps: Extends capabilities to mobile devices, offering on-the-go security management and mobile credential options.

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