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Structured Cabling Explained

Structured Cabling provides a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure that allows for the efficient and organized transmission of data, voice, and video signals within a building or campus environment. Structured cabling systems typically consist of a series of patch panels, cables, jacks, and connectors that are installed hierarchically and structured to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

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Voice and Data Network Infrastructure 

Our voice and data network cabling solutions provide the backbone for seamless enterprise connectivity. Expertly installed, they facilitate efficient communication and data transfer, ensuring your business operations run smoothly. Trust in our tailored installation services to optimize your network infrastructure, setting the stage for your enterprise's success.

Fiber Network Backbone 

Our fiber network backbone solutions deliver high-speed, reliable connectivity, serving as the lifeline of your enterprise's digital infrastructure. Offering superior bandwidth capacity, they ensure seamless data transfer and communication, pivotal to your business's operational efficiency and success.

Wireless Access Points 

Our wireless access point (WAP) solutions enable flexible and robust connectivity across your office or business premises. By creating strong, reliable Wi-Fi networks, they facilitate seamless data transfer and communication, supporting your business's mobility needs while boosting productivity and operational efficiency.

Reliable Network Cable and Devices 

Discover the power of our Modern Network Infrastructure Solutions. Enhance your connectivity with innovative features like high-speed fiber backbones, reliable wireless access points, and seamless voice and data cabling, all designed for optimal network performance.

Long & Short Range Wireless Radios

Cellular Networks

MDF & IDF Data Racks and Cable Management

Wireless Radio Network 

iS3's Long & Short Range Wireless Radios offer reliable point-to-point and multi-point network communication across vast distances, especially outdoors. Eliminating the need for extensive cabling, our advanced radios ensure seamless, uninterrupted data transmission. It's the optimal solution for environments where wired connectivity isn't feasible.

LTE and 5G Cellular Radio Connectivity

Our cellular radio devices offer a versatile solution for network communication in remote locations or areas lacking conventional network availability. Leveraging the coverage of any preferred cellular data provider, these devices ensure reliable data transmission even in the most challenging locations. From remote field sites to transit networks, trust our cellular radio solutions to maintain steadfast connectivity wherever your operations take you

End to End Connectivity 

Our comprehensive network infrastructure services extend from providing to expertly installing data network cabling, head-end MDF and IDF network cabinets, patch panels, and switches. We prioritize effective cable management, ensuring a clutter-free, organized network system that enhances performance and simplifies maintenance. Trust in our meticulous approach to deliver a robust, efficient, and reliable network infrastructure tailored to your business's unique operational needs.

Enabling Seamless Connectivity: iS3 Tech Services' Network Infrastructure Services

iS3 Tech Services provides a comprehensive range of network infrastructure solutions. From installing high-speed fiber backbones, wireless access points, and effective data cabling to setting up network cabinets and efficient cable management systems, we ensure seamless, reliable connectivity. Our robust network services enhance your operational efficiency, paving the way for a future-ready enterprise.

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WAP - Wifi

WAP - Wifi

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Utilizing wireless access points in offices ensures consistent, high-speed internet access, enabling seamless connectivity, enhanced collaboration, and increased productivity across the workplace.

Head-end equipment

Head-end equipment

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Network racks equipped with patch panels and meticulously organized cabling reflect a commitment to precision and reliability, ensuring certified cables deliver optimal performance and a streamlined, efficient networking environment.

Voice and Data Outlets

Voice and Data Outlets

Image of Voice and Data Outlets
Hardwired data outlets in offices guarantee stable, high-speed connectivity, minimizing downtime and providing a secure foundation for mission-critical operations and seamless data transfer.

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Our Services

At iS3 Tech Services, we specialize in delivering comprehensive, tailor-made security solutions to a wide array of industries. From our initial consultation, thorough needs assessment, to meticulous design and installation, and continuous support - we stand committed to securing your facilities and safeguarding your personnel.


Every effective security solution starts with a comprehensive consultation. Our expert team will meet with you to understand your facility, your operations, and your unique security needs. This thorough approach ensures that we design a system that's just right for you.

Design & Engineering

Based on our consultation, we design a comprehensive security solution tailored to your needs. Our experienced design and engineering team will consider all aspects of your facility, from access control to video surveillance, creating a security blueprint that protects your people, property, and assets.

Installation & Commissioning

Our expert installation team carries out the custom design, ensuring each element of your security solution is perfectly integrated and configured. After installation, we initiate the systems to verify peak performance, backed by our continuous team support, thus securing your system's top-notch functionality in the long run.

Our Brands

Explore our handpicked assortment of trusted brands, each striving for excellence in the realm of safety and security solutions.

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Where Our Expertise Shines Brightest

Data Centers

In the digital age, data centers require unmatched security. iS3 fortifies these hubs, ensuring continuity and safeguarding critical data.


Commercial properties thrive on safety and operational efficiency. iS3 offers tailored solutions, enhancing tenant satisfaction and optimizing management processes.


In healthcare, patient safety and data protection are paramount. iS3 delivers solutions that safeguard both, ensuring a secure and compliant medical environment.


Shaping Safer Schools: Our advanced solutions offer emergency lockdowns, real-time notifications, streamlined visitor management, and intelligent surveillance, fortifying educational spaces for focused learning.


Efficiency meets security in bustling distribution hubs. iS3 ensures swift operations are paired with robust protection, minimizing vulnerabilities and maximizing throughput.

Power Utilities 

iS3 is at the forefront of power grid defense. Our robust solutions deter vandalism, prevent unauthorized access, and maintain the resilience of our critical energy grid.


In an industry where precision meets production, iS3 ensures a secure, seamless workflow. Our tailored solutions safeguard assets, processes, and personnel, boosting operational efficiency.

Class-A Office 

Elevate the standard of corporate security with iS3. We seamlessly integrate advanced solutions, ensuring both prestige and protection align in premier office environments.

Our Projects

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iS3 has successfully performed thousands of access control installations across the Southeast and through out Atlanta GA.

In a new era of data management, a leading social media company commissioned iS3 Tech Services to secure their large data center amidst a dynamic construction environment. Leveraging strategic planning and expert execution, iS3 successfully installed a comprehensive security system with over 600 surveillance cameras and 400 access control doors. This project not only fulfilled the client's high-security needs but also set a new industry standard, reinforcing iS3's position as a leader in customized security solutions.

A high-traffic distribution center in Georgia approached iS3 Tech Services to optimize its security operations, facing challenges like internal theft, vandalism, and surveillance over vast areas. Implementing a tailored security solution, iS3 installed over 200 surveillance cameras and 150 access control doors, enhancing security coverage without disrupting daily operations. The robust system significantly reduced theft and vandalism, improving overall security metrics, and solidifying iS3's reputation for delivering customized, high-quality security solutions for complex projects.

A prestigious private school in Georgia engaged iS3 Tech Services to modernize its outdated security system, which lacked comprehensive coverage and user-friendly features. Implementing a cloud-based access control and robust video surveillance system, iS3 provided comprehensive coverage and improved the ease of use, dramatically enhancing campus safety. This project exemplifies iS3's ability to provide superior, custom-tailored security solutions to meet unique requirements, regardless of a project's size or complexity.

A prominent behavioral health facility in Georgia partnered with iS3 Tech Services to revamp their outdated security system and better address unique challenges like patient protection, access control, and visitor management. Implementing a meticulously crafted, multi-layered security solution that included access control, video surveillance, and visitor management systems, iS3 significantly improved safety, security, and facility operations. The project highlights iS3's ability to understand and respond to the unique security needs of healthcare facilities, reinforcing their commitment to providing robust, comprehensive security solutions in sensitive environments.

A Georgia-based manufacturing plant faced significant security issues, notably internal theft and parking lot vandalism, which hampered operations and profitability. iS3 Tech Services created a comprehensive solution involving over 100 AI-equipped surveillance cameras and access control systems at 50 strategic points, following in-depth consultation and plant assessment. The improved security setup drastically reduced theft and vandalism, enhancing the plant's operational efficiency and safety, and demonstrating iS3's commitment to tailored security solutions and client satisfaction.

A property management company in Atlanta, struggling with decentralized, outdated security systems in its high-end multi-family condominiums, sought the help of iS3 Tech Services. iS3 responded with a comprehensive, unified cloud-based security solution, replacing conventional access control systems with mobile credentials, tenant smart locks, and an upgraded entry call system. These enhancements significantly improved operational efficiency, resident convenience, and overall safety, leading to a reduction in crime incidents and increased resident satisfaction.

Faced with unique security challenges across power generation, substations, and transmission sites, a large power utility company in Georgia turned to iS3 Tech Services. iS3 implemented a comprehensive security package including access control, video surveillance, and alarm systems, tailored to the company's needs. As a result, the company reported significantly improved security standards, enhanced monitoring operations, efficient incident responses, and created safer working environments.

Hear What Our Clients Have To Say

IS3 helped us implement a video surveillance and an Open Path access system for our corporate office. They were great at providing modern, practical technology for exactly what we needed. The implementation was handled very efficiently with lots of good communication. Would definitely recommend.

Dave F.

Is3 recently replaced the access control system at the building I manage. The install team was highly-skilled, worked with deliberation, and patiently solved the "expected but unknown" infrastructure challenges uncovered at each phase of work. The executive and operational teams were engaged and timely. The project was a great success and Is3's ongoing support and service is just as great.

Sheila M.

I was very happy with the job that iS3 Tech Services did on an office upfit for us, from the start of the project to the end. Very professional, great attention to detail, very responsive to all our questions/needs. I would definitely use them again.

Todd J.

As the operations manager of Families First Inc. I work with several vendors. iS3 is like none other. They are very responsive. The service is impeccable. They even answer all my stupid questions, with no hesitation. I truly enjoy working with them and look forward to keeping them as a vendor.

Shatavia R.

iS3 has provided and maintained our building access control and video surveillance systems for several of our manufacturing facilities here in GA. They are responsive, and are great to work with. We have worked with several other companies in the past and iS3 is the best by far and we will never use another company. Highly recommended.

Chris K.

IS3 replaced our old vendor for all things security and monitoring. They've done an excellent job in the install but even better at the communication. We've done several engagements and all have gone extremely smooth and the support after is fantastic. Personal shoutout to Dustin on the operations side for all he has done for us.
Thanks, IS3!

Brad D.

While with Georgia Bureau of Investigation, I have used iS3 for several large projects, and was very pleased with their performance, timeliness and professionalism. They were excellent communicators with a fine eye for detail. It was truly a pleasure to deal with them.

George S.

Highly recommend IS3! They are professional, courteous, prompt and efficient! I work for a biotechnology company and we have been using IS3 for almost 2 years now and I have had nothing but positive experiences with them!

Karen J.

Network Infrastructure Common Questions 

Q What types of businesses can benefit from your network infrastructure services?


Businesses of all sizes and across all industries can benefit from our services. We provide tailored network infrastructure solutions to meet the specific needs of enterprises, whether it's a small business office, a large multinational corporation, or anything in between.

Q Do your services include the installation of network infrastructure?


Absolutely, our services extend beyond providing network infrastructure components. We also offer expert installation, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance of your network system.

Q What types of wireless solutions do you offer?


We offer a range of wireless solutions, including wireless access points for in-building connectivity and both short and long-range wireless radios for connecting network devices like security cameras. We also provide cellular radio devices for connectivity in remote locations.

Q How can your fiber network backbone solutions benefit our business?


Our fiber network backbone solutions provide high-speed, reliable connectivity, which is crucial for modern businesses. They ensure fast and efficient data transfer, supporting seamless business operations and improving overall productivity.

Q What is Structured Cabling?


Structured cabling is a standardized system of cabling and connectivity products that are designed to support multiple hardware uses and be suitable for future expansions.

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