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Cloud Based Security Cameras for Business

We offer cutting-edge commercial cloud-based video surveillance solutions that provide 24/7 live control, rapid detection, and top-of-the-line video analytics.

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What are Cloud Based Security Cameras?

Cloud-based video surveillance systems utilize cloud computing to store and manage video data, eliminating the need for on-site storage. Users can access live and recorded footage from anywhere via the internet. Their flexibility and enhanced capabilities, like real-time alerts and analytics, make them a top choice for modern security needs.


Scalability: Easily expand storage without additional hardware


Anywhere Access: Receive alerts, review footage and manage your cameras from any connected device


Enhanced Security: Advanced encryption and data protection measures.

Best Cloud Based Security Camera Solutions 

Verkada Cloud Security Cameras 

Verkada stands out as a premium cloud security camera solution, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with user-centric design. Their systems provide unrivaled clarity, scalability, and reliability, ensuring businesses have round-the-clock access to high-quality surveillance. With Verkada, users not only benefit from advanced security features but also experience a level of convenience and control unparalleled in the industry.

Avigilon Alta's Cloud-Based Security Cameras

Avigilon Alta offers a sophisticated, cloud-based AI video management system known as Alta Aware. This enterprise-grade solution is not only open, scalable, and secure but also user-friendly. With its embedded machine-learning capabilities, Alta Aware provides unparalleled insights across all your locations, anytime and anywhere in the world. Harness the power of AI to pinpoint security threats accurately, giving you full command over any situation.

Rhombus Cloud-Based Security Cameras

Rhombus Systems stands at the forefront of modern cloud-based video security solutions. With a focus on blending top-tier technology and user-friendly interfaces, Rhombus offers scalable video surveillance powered by AI-driven analytics. Users can effortlessly monitor their spaces, benefiting from features like facial recognition and real-time alerts. Rhombus provides a holistic, cloud-native approach to security, ensuring that enterprises have a seamless and integrated experience across their surveillance infrastructure.

Cloud-Based Camera System Features

Serverless Video Surveillance with Edge Recording

Serverless systems with edge recording store footage on the camera and back it up to the cloud, removing the need for central servers. This setup ensures consistent capture, even during internet outages. The hybrid approach combines the reliability of local storage with the accessibility of cloud backup, offering streamlined and efficient surveillance.

Unified Platform for Multiple Locations

Cloud based Camera systems allow for centralizing all your locations into one platform streamlines management and boosts efficiency. Users can seamlessly view and manage systems across sites from a single interface, ensuring consistent security measures, faster decision-making, and reduced operational challenges.

Automatic Security and Feature Updates 

In the ever-evolving landscape of security threats, staying up-to-date is crucial. Our regular software updates swiftly patch potential vulnerabilities, providing enhanced security against evolving threats. With our automatic security and feature updates, you'll always stay one step ahead, ensuring the safety of your Atlanta business.

Take Your Existing Cameras To The Cloud

If you've already made an investment in cameras and are eager to embrace cloud capabilities without replacing them, rest assured. In most scenarios, we can integrate your current cameras into the cloud using a compact connector, eliminating the need for your existing server. Plus, enhance your setup with video analytics, such as people search and license plate capture, directly applied to your existing cameras.

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Comparing Surveillance Solutions: Cloud Cameras vs. On-Premise Systems

Dive into the key differences between cloud cameras with edge recording and on-premise systems. Each offers unique advantages, shaping your security landscape. Explore below to find the best fit for your needs.

Cloud Camera Systems 

  • Scalability: Easily expandable without heavy infrastructure changes.
  • Reduced Costs: No need for expensive servers or maintenance.
  • Reliability: Continuous recording even during internet outages with edge storage.
  • Security: Encrypted cloud backups protect against data loss.
  • Automatic Updates: Software updates are pushed seamlessly through the cloud.

On Premise Camera Systems

  • Dedicated Control: Full control over your physical servers and data.
  • Network Reliability: Not dependent on external internet for local access.
  • Data Sovereignty: Data remains within the company's physical premises.
  • One-time Investment: Larger upfront cost, but no recurring cloud storage fees.
  • Latency: Often lower latency due to local storage and access.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Our Cloud Camera Systems

Q What makes cloud camera systems different from traditional surveillance setups?


    Cloud camera systems store and manage video data in the cloud rather than on local servers. This provides easier access from anywhere, scalable storage, and often more advanced security and analytic features.

    Q Are cloud camera systems secure?


    Yes, cloud camera systems prioritize security by using advanced encryption methods and robust access controls. Regular software updates further enhance system security against emerging threats.

    Q Can I access my camera feed from anywhere?


    Absolutely! With our cloud camera system, you can access live and archived footage from any device, anytime, and anywhere with an internet connection.

    Q How do I manage storage and backup with a cloud camera system?


    The beauty of our cloud camera system is that storage scales as you need it. Video data is stored securely in the cloud, with options for redundancy and backup to ensure data integrity.

    Q Will I need to invest in new hardware for the cloud system?


    Not necessarily. While cloud cameras are optimized for cloud storage and features, many existing cameras can be integrated using cloud connectors. However, for the best experience, dedicated cloud cameras are recommended.

    Q How do cloud-based analytics improve my surveillance capabilities?


    Cloud-based analytics harness the power of AI and machine learning. This allows for features like facial recognition, people count, and unusual activity detection, providing a more proactive approach to surveillance.

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