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Lenel S2 Mobile Security Professional

Harness unparalleled power and flexibility right at your fingertips

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NetBox: Scalable and User-Friendly Access Control Systems

The Mobile Security Professional app, available for both iOS and Android devices, empowers management and staff to manage their NetBox access control and video management systems from any location. This app offers the convenience of switching between different systems or partitions seamlessly within its interface. Managed centrally, Mobile Security Professional ensures that every action taken on the app is immediately reflected at the command center, offering real-time updates and control over security operations.

Manage NetBox access control and video management systems using a mobile device

security camera

Watch live and recorded video from any VRx and NetVR camera


Track event activity, control door access, coordinate evacuations, and more

NetBox: Your Comprehensive, Integrative Access Control Solution

web browser

Effortless and Universal Browser Accessibility

NetBox access control systems boast universal accessibility, enabling connection from any web-capable device without the need for specific operating systems. Their adaptability ensures seamless integration with existing setups and peripherals, all without necessitating any software installations, thus streamlining the deployment process.


Integrated Security at Your Fingertips

The integration of NetBox systems with LenelS2 NetVR and VRx video management solutions offers a cohesive management and administrative platform. Coupled with the Magic Monitor client, it delivers a unified interface for accessing access events, video feeds, and live internet content, enhancing situational awareness. Compatibility with third-party video management systems further extends its utility.

Access Control

Comprehensive Control for Enhanced Security

NetBox systems come equipped with an array of features, including management of person records and cardholders, monitoring of events and alarms, escalation of threat levels, and comprehensive reporting, making it a fully featured access control solution.

Api Cloud

Versatility Through Open API

The open-source API of NetBox systems promotes extensive integration capabilities, allowing for seamless interaction with a diverse range of third-party services and systems, from HR databases to elevator and HVAC controls, amplifying its adaptability and functionality.

Mobile Security User App: Key Features & Advantages

System Capabilities:

  • Mobile App: Facilitates the management of NetBox access control and video management systems from iOS or Android devices, anywhere.
  • SSL Support: Ensures secure, encrypted communication between the Mobile Security Professional app and the NetBox controller.
  • Multi-System Control: Offers the flexibility to navigate between different NetBox systems or partitions with ease.

Security Management Functions:

  • Video Surveillance: Streams live footage and records event-based video from any VRx or NetVR™ camera.
  • Video Snapshot: Enables the sharing of crucial images through email or text for quick dissemination of information.
  • Event Monitoring: Provides a comprehensive view of event activities and relevant video footage, both live and recorded.
  • Person Detail: Offers quick access to individual identification and their access history with a single touch.
  • Door Controls: Allows for the temporary unlocking of any door within the system, enhancing operational flexibility.
  • Photo ID Capture: Captures identification photos directly within the app for immediate record updating.
  • Evacuation Management: Facilitates the coordination of evacuation procedures and management of multiple muster points for enhanced safety.
  • Notifications: Enables the distribution of important alerts and notifications to users of the Mobile Security User app, ensuring timely communication.

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