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Verkada Bullet Cameras

Crystal-Clear Vision in All Conditions

Experience robust security with our Bullet Series Cameras, engineered to endure extreme environments while serving as a visual deterrent. These versatile cameras come with options for wide or telephoto lenses, offering expansive coverage and the capability to zoom in for detailed long-range views. Whether in bright daylight or complete darkness, the Bullet Series guarantees crisp, detailed imagery. Equipped with advanced processors, these cameras are not just about surveillance; they're intelligent, supporting AI-driven analytics including License Plate Recognition and Occupancy Trend analysis, ensuring comprehensive monitoring and insightful data capture.

Robust Surveillance for Every Environment

The Verkada Bullet Series is engineered for resilience and deterrence, making it an ideal choice for challenging outdoor environments. This series combines form and function, offering:

  • Versatile Lens Options: Choose between wide or telephoto lenses for extensive field of view or detailed long-range surveillance.
  • Crystal-Clear Imaging: Capture vital details in both bright and low-light conditions with up to 4K sensor resolution and 3x optical zoom.
  • Advanced AI Analytics: Features next-generation processors for AI-driven insights, including License Plate Recognition and Occupancy Trends.
  • Durable Design: Built for adverse conditions with weather-sealed electrical components in a robust aluminum unibody.
  • Ease of Installation: Quick setup with a pigtail connector and cloud connection via QR code scanning.

Key Features for Enhanced Security:

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) for rapid online deployment.
  • Local storage of up to 365 days of standard quality footage, without NVRs or DVRs.
  • Scalable, with a resting operational bandwidth of 20-50kbps.
  • Remote management through a modern platform, accessible on any device.
  • Cloud management via the Command web-based platform.
  • Continuous improvement through automatic firmware and software updates.

Comprehensive Coverage and Support:

  • AI-Based Video Analytics for intelligent monitoring.
  • Up to a 10-year product warranty.
  • Unlimited cloud archiving for secure data storage.
  • Adaptive quality for optimal streaming.
  • 30-Days Cloud Backup for data safety.
  • Live-Link Sharing for immediate access.

The Bullet Series from Verkada brings together superior image quality, durable construction, and intelligent analytics, ensuring effective surveillance and peace of mind in all conditions

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