Verkada Dome Cameras Overview & Features

Built Tough: Tailored for High-Traffic Durability

Designed to offer lasting performance and superior security, the Dome Series by Verkada is an ideal solution for diverse indoor and outdoor settings. These cameras, characterized by their discreet design and anti-vandal features, are effortless to set up. The latest iteration of the dome cameras boasts double the onboard storage capacity and is equipped with an advanced chipset specifically for computer vision.

Revolutionize Your Security with Verkada Dome Series Cameras

Experience unparalleled protection with our state-of-the-art Dome Series Cameras. Crafted for resilience and superior performance, these cameras are ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments. Their discreet design, coupled with anti-vandal features, makes them perfect for any setting.

Effortless Setup and Maintenance

  • Quick Installation: Get online with our Power over Ethernet (PoE) cameras in mere minutes.
  • Hassle-Free Storage: Enjoy up to 365 days of local storage without the need for NVRs or DVRs.
  • Seamless Scaling: With a resting operational bandwidth of 20-50kbps, expanding your security network is a breeze.

Advanced Management and Evolution

  • Remote Accessibility: Securely manage your cameras from any device, anywhere.
  • Cloud-Powered Control: Utilize our user-friendly Command platform for effortless camera management.
  • Continuous Improvement: Benefit from automatic updates, enhancing features and security.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Analytics

  • Intelligent Event Detection: Leverage AI and edge processing for real-time, actionable insights.
  • Occupancy Trend Monitoring: Optimize operations by analyzing foot traffic data.
  • Superior Quality Streaming: A dedicated computer vision co-processor ensures future-proof, high-quality footage.

Exceptional Features for Comprehensive Security

  • AI-Based Video Analytics
  • Extended Product Warranty: Up to 10 years.
  • Regular Firmware & Software Updates
  • Unlimited Cloud Archiving
  • Person of Interest Alerts
  • Convenient 30-Days Cloud Backup
  • Live-Link Sharing for Instant Access

Elevate your security setup with Verkada's Dome Series, where robust performance meets innovative technology

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