Avigilon H6A Dome Camera

Avigilon H6A Dome Camera Overview

The Avigilon H6A Dome security camera is a cutting-edge surveillance solution that offers both visual and auditory monitoring capabilities. This camera is designed to empower users with an enhanced understanding of their site, thanks to its built-in video and audio analytics. With this technology, the H6A Dome not only captures high-quality visual footage but also provides valuable auditory insights, allowing for a more comprehensive surveillance experience.

Avigilon H6A Dome Security Camera Features

Enhance your situational awareness to unprecedented levels with the Avigilon H6A Dome Camera. With onboard AdaptAI video analytics, this camera instantly identifies irregularities and proactively alerts you to critical events. Elevate your awareness beyond video surveillance with the built-in microphone, notifying you of auditory disturbances. The H6A Dome Camera offers versatile mounting options to secure any space effectively.

Key Features:

  • 8 MP Max Resolution: Experience high-resolution images for exceptional clarity.
  • 230 FT Max IR Range: Ensure visibility even in low-light conditions with advanced infrared illumination.
  • IK10/11 Impact Rating: Designed to withstand physical impact, ensuring long-term durability.
  • Type 4X Enclosure Rating: Suitable for various environmental conditions, providing robust protection.

Your Comprehensive Security Partner: See and hear the entire picture with AI-powered video and audio analytics working in harmony, delivering unparalleled intelligence. Stay empowered to make informed decisions when it matters most.

AdaptAI Video Analytics: Benefit from cutting-edge video analytics that enhance object detection and classification. Audio Analytics and Recording: Detect auditory disturbances and record crucial audio data. Optional IR Illumination: Enhance visibility in challenging low-light situations. ONVIF S, T, G & M Conformant: Ensure seamless integration with industry-standard protocols.

Stay One Step Ahead of Incidents: Swiftly identify critical events occurring on your site and respond with precision. The H6A Dome Camera is equipped with AdaptAI analytics to:

  • Alert you to unusual crowd behavior.
  • Identify individuals crawling.
  • Detect sounds like gunshots*, screaming, breaking glass, and more.
  • Blur people and vehicles in video to protect privacy, with the flexibility to remove it for investigations (*Separate license required).

Uncompromised Image Quality: The clarity and resolution of your video footage can make all the difference. Regardless of lighting conditions, you'll never miss a moment with the H6A Dome Camera's features:

  • Improved Wide Dynamic Range for clarity in high-contrast lighting conditions.
  • IR illumination options, including a split IR dome for low-light visibility.
  • A fast frame rate of up to 60 fps, capturing high-quality image details.

Adaptable to Any Environment: Secure your site effortlessly with the H6A Dome Camera's modular design and diverse mounting options. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, this camera is engineered to meet industry standards:

  • IK10/11 for impact resistance.
  • IP66/67 for weather resistance.
  • NEMA 250 Type 4X for protection against water, windblown dust, and corrosion.
  • EN 50121-4 compliant for railway applications.

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