Avigilon H5A Multisensor Camera

Avigilon H5A Multisensor Camera Overview

Meet the AVA Quad security camera, equipped with four independent 5 MP sensors. These sensors, combined with multi-exposure line-based HDR technology, ensure superb image quality even in challenging lighting conditions.

The H5A Multisensor Camera Features

Introducing the Avigilon H5A Multisensor Camera, a sophisticated surveillance solution designed to offer unparalleled panoramic coverage. Whether it's 180, 270, or 360-degree views, this camera is engineered to ensure comprehensive surveillance for diverse settings like building corners, parking lots, and busy intersections.

Key Specifications:

  • Maximum Resolution: A stunning 32 Megapixels for capturing every detail.
  • Infrared Range: Extensive reach with up to 98 feet of IR illumination.
  • Impact Resistance: An IK10 rating signifies exceptional durability.
  • Enclosure Rating: A robust Type 4X enclosure, ensuring resilience in various environmental conditions.

Major Features:

  1. Adjustable Multi-Sensor Technology: Choose between three or four sensors for customized surveillance coverage.

  2. Next-Generation Video Analytics: Advanced AI-driven analytics for timely and accurate incident detection.

  3. Varifocal Lenses: Flexible lens adjustment to focus on specific areas or get a broader view.

  4. Efficient Bandwidth Management: High-quality imaging with optimized bandwidth usage.

  5. ONVIF Conformity: Adheres to ONVIF S, T, G, and M standards, ensuring compatibility and integration ease.

180, 270 or 360 Degree Camera

  • Wide Dynamic Range and IR Options: See clearly in challenging lighting conditions with the camera's advanced imaging features.

  • AI-Driven Response Acceleration: Includes Unusual Activity Detection and support for Avigilon Appearance Search and Facial Recognition technologies, enhancing security responsiveness.

  • Versatile Coverage Options: Tailor your surveillance with 180-degree hallway views, 270-degree building corner coverage, or 360-degree intersection monitoring.

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