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The Vulnerabilities of Security Access Control Systems

Many people don't know that 80+% of proximity card access control systems have easily exploitable vulnerabilities that can be taken advantage of to bypass their security. Modern hackers are savvier than ever and can easily gain access to the tools and technology they need to breach physical security systems and copy user credentials. Most facilities access control credentials can be duplicated for $50 on Amazon or at nearby "Key copying kiosks". The internet is also rife with documentation and videos detailing the copying of even some of the newer, more advanced credentials along with all the tools to do such.

Proximity Card Readers Were Effective Solutions in the 1990s

While many companies invest large amounts of money securing their data and physical network, they neglect the organization's need for a secure access control system. Proximity card readers came on the market in 1995 and have been the industry standard staple ever since. Unfortunately, the technology is now woefully out of date and is no longer a true security solution.

Add to this the limited pool of available card numbers, and you are guaranteed to have duplicated numbers in the traditional 26-Bit wiegand format. It is now common for cards issued at one facility to have unauthorized access across multiple facilities country-wide.

The New Generation of Access Control

iS3 Tech Services specializes in the latest in physical access control systems. They partner with HID to bring the new iCLASS ® Seos ® format. These smart cards have proprietary encryption and are the most secure credential on the market, guaranteed to never have duplicate numbers that could inadvertently grant access to your facilities and IT closets.

HID's smart cards can also serve multiple functions and are easy on users and administrators. Their use can be extended beyond just physical access control and can be custom for each organization. Whether it be government, hospitality, enterprise, education or more, HID has a solution for you.

Organizations upgrading their access control can choose from a variety of credentials and technologies to meet their needs and ensure a smooth transition. HID and iS3 Tech Services provide the latest in security systems that will meet the custom needs of any business. Your choice shouldn't be if you upgrade, but when. Add an iCLASS ® Seos ® access control system to your security plan if you want the safest and most secure facility with multifunctioning cards that keep you and your users safe.

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