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Essential Security Solutions for Apartment and Condo Complexes

Apartment and condo complexes have different security needs than single-family residences or businesses. There is a never-ending stream of guests, and tenant turnover is high. While complex managers and owners understand the importance of security, it's often cut due to budgetary restraints.

However, unsafe complexes can become huge liabilities. Before you cut the expansion of security measures on your property, look at these cost-effective solutions that help reduce costs in the long run.

Monitored Video Surveillance

Security cameras are an excellent addition to any condo or apartment complex. But proper placement is vital. Mount cameras in resident amenity areas to discourage non-residents from entering restricted places. Amenity areas for camera placement include walking trails, laundry rooms, clubhouses, roof decks, pools, and more.

You should also place cameras in locations with a high risk for criminal activity such as stairwells and underneath the stairs. Assaults and sexual assaults are more likely to occur in these areas.

Installing cameras isn't enough. They need to be monitored. It's one thing to pour through hours of video footage looking for a recording of criminal activity reported, but it's another to be proactive. Monitored cameras help a central alarm station identify a crime in progress and immediately contact on-site security, management, and law enforcement if necessary. Monitored video surveillance allows security and police to catch crimes in progress and respond quicker to incidents, thus enhancing safety.

Access Control Isn't Just for Large Complexes and Corporations

Access control adds an extra layer of security in a world with ever-increasing danger and security issues. Many apartment and condo communities need extra security in amenity areas to reduce crime in places where people gather. It also reduces unauthorized access by unapproved visitors.

If you have a doorman, access control is just as secure and can even eliminate the need for one 24/7. It can also supplement live security personnel.

Access control integrates easily with video surveillance to line up the timestamp that access control records with video taken at the same time. It will help find instances where a non-resident tries to gain access. The system also provides identifying information that you can circulate to security and managers to look out for the person.

Access control and monitored video surveillance work together to increase the security of your complex. They make it easier to identify criminal acts while providing the evidence necessary for police to investigate incidents.

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