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Protecting Your Investment: Why Managed Services Makes Sense For Your Bottom Line

Access control is a fairly common security technology used by large and small businesses everywhere. Traditionally, many companies stored data for the systems onsite. However, hosted access control is becoming more popular and has several benefits.

Traditional Platforms vs. Hosted Access Control

A company's IT department manages conventional server platforms for access control because the software is uploaded on site. This added responsibility increases the workload for the department because they are in charge of maintenance as well as managing the devices that power and cool the system. Onsite software requires the company's security integrator to come onsite or remote into the server to perform routine maintenance and updates.

Managed access control means that organizations with access control outsource the programming and system management to reduce costs and the responsibility of your IT department. Letting someone else manage your access control systems frees up your IT for other important tasks within the business.

The physical devices such as the readers, locks, and other hardware remain on site and communicate with a primary door controller. The controller sends data over the network to the hosted platform on the cloud.

Benefits of Managed Services

There are several benefits to hosted access control. The first is data security. The hosted services ensure that backups are done regularly. It eliminates the company's risk and lets it focus on supporting productivity instead of cyber security.

Hosted access control also saves time in case of server or computer failure. Reconstructing properties of access control and card lists cost significant amounts of time and money. With cloud hosting, you'll never lose your data.

Managed services eliminate onsite software upgrades and computer maintenance. They reduce labor costs and free up personnel that would otherwise be tied up managing the access control system.

Also, the services are always available. You can perform administrative tasks anywhere there's an internet connection. If you're managing multiple business sites, this eliminates the need to set up a remote desktop connection to make data changes. Plus, you can rest assured that all of the updates and changes to the system are done correctly by trained professionals. So, there's no need to waste time training your own staff on the management of the access control system.

Hosted access control enhances your data security and frees up staff critical to productivity management in your business. Managed services give you the flexibility and freedom to run your business without the hassle.

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