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Taking Stock of Critical Assets to Form a Security Plan

Every organization has critical assets, and those assets need to be protected in order to sustain the enterprise long-term. Before a security plan can be formed, it's important to identify those assets that the security system will protect. Only then can an effective security plan be designed and implemented.

What are your critical assets?

There are a variety of assets to protect, and security solutions that can accomplish the goal. Those assets may include your:

  • Facilities - Your buildings are perhaps the most critical assets of all. Before anything inside can be protected, the facilities that must be secured from outside intrusion.
  • Employees - It's people that make companies work. While your employees and other human resources are intangible, they are also part of your critical assets.
  • Equipment - Everything from production equipment to technology should be inventoried and have a value assigned. Part of identifying critical assets is recording the value of the equipment.
  • Inventory - People are the backbone of the business, but its inventory is the lifeblood. Whether you're a retailer with stockable inventory or a service provider whose inventory is made up of client files, the protection of that inventory is critical.
  • Intelligence - From designs and strategies to payment systems and client information, intelligence is a highly critical asset for an organization. Protecting it is just as important as protecting your inventory and equipment.

What comes next?

After you identify those critical assets, it's time to seek a security assessment and begin forming the security plan. You'll need a professional partner to help, and that partner should be an experienced security integrator.

Choosing this security system integrator is no small task - but once you find a provider that has experience protecting organizations like yours, your hard work is done and their work can begin. To speak with an experienced security integrator, organizations throughout the South can contact iS3 Tech Services. We will be happy to provide your onsite security assessment.

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