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The Essential Checklist for Choosing a Security Systems Integrator

Choosing an integrator to oversee your commercial security system project may seem overwhelming. Using this checklist as your guide, you can make the process faster, simpler and less daunting. For a successful project, choose an integrator that offers:

A Thorough Threat Assessment

A security assessment should be much more than a sales call. When you request this appointment with a security integrator, you should expect it to be a thorough assessment of the security risks on the property. Every entry point should be covered, from front doors with high traffic to remote side doors that could be looked at as soft targets. Other areas of vulnerability include remote places on the property where intruders may hide out. A good integrator should be able to identify these spots and clearly explain how they can provide security solutions.

End-to-End Services

Commercial projects can be incredibly complicated, and it's important to choose a single integrator to oversee the entire thing. Going the multiple contractor route is a bad idea; if something goes wrong, it can be difficult to know where the responsibility lies. With a single vendor that offers end-to-end services - engineering, design, installation, programming and project management - the project is simpler for you to supervise and far more likely to be successful.

An Experienced Portfolio

Maybe you own a commercial business with a single building - but that doesn't mean your security system integrator should only service businesses like yours. Many of the best security system providers have far-reaching portfolios, with experience overseeing a variety of project types: government buildings, school campuses, and multi-structure industrial properties. This background can be useful for your application, too; you never know when your integrator may need to draw on that experience in order to create a solution for your system.

This is the essential checklist for choosing a security system integrator. To speak with an integrator that meets these qualifications, businesses throughout the South can call iS3 Tech Services to schedule a security assessment. We look forward to speaking with you.

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