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Why Your Business Needs An Access Control Upgrade Today

Of all the advancements to electronic security over the years, few have been more important to commercial enterprises than access control systems. Enterprises are converting their traditional door locks en masse, replacing them with electronic access control systems that give their employees and other approved occupants keyless entry. It's one of the best ways to bring a facility up to current standards - not to mention that it just makes good business sense. Here's more information on the advantages of access control.

Endless Keyless Entry Options

The options for access control credentials are virtually endless, and this is an advantage to employees and employers alike. Security integrators may offer varying options when it comes to these credentials - but at iS3 Tech Services, we offer almost any credential you can imagine. This includes:

  1. Key cards
  2. Magnetic Locks
  3. Magnetic Strikes
  4. Rex Motions
  5. Push Button Release
  6. Wireless Locks
  7. Door/Window Contacts
  8. Card / FOB Readers
  9. Key Pads
  10. Biometrics & Physical Security - Hand / Finger Geometry Scanner, Eye Scanner
  11. Intercom Entry
  12. Pressure Mats

Employees love the convenience of swiping their credential or entering their code; it's faster than fumbling for keys, especially when they're running late, starting a night shift or coming to work in bad weather. And employers love keyless entry for security reasons - especially the security of electronically managing the credentials. That brings us to the next advantage of access control systems.

Easy, Secure Electronic Management

Employers have an instant advantage once access control systems are installed, but it gets even better when they start the management process. Everyone who makes an attempt at an entry point is logged, so management will have a record and be aware of any unsuccessful attempts. Meanwhile, the systems can also be programmed to selectively allow entry to highly-controlled areas: vaults, data centers, security offices and more. Then, there are the tricky security situations that develop during employee termination. If someone is fired over the phone or stops showing up to work, the awkward task of collecting their keys (or worse, paying to have the locks changed) is no longer a concern. Instead, they can simply deactivate the dismissed employee's access control credential so it will no longer work. All deactivations happen in real-time.

Whether your operation is a medium-sized commercial property or a large-scale industrial environment, iS3 Tech Services can deploy your access control systems. Georgia, Alabama Tennessee and Carolina organizations looking to explore their access control options can contact us for more information. We will be glad to speak with you.

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