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Integrating Access Control and Video Surveillance, Part 2

Integrating access control and video surveillance is an ideal solution for a variety of enterprise types: retail, dining, hospitality, and even residential. A residential business? That's right; we're talking about multi-residential properties like apartment complexes and housing communities. Throughout the Southeast, we can help property owners and managers achieve better security for their tenants by integrating access control and video. Here's what an integrated solution offers.

Advanced Analytics

Data doesn't lie, and your security system data can tell you a lot about what's happening on your residential investment property. Sure, you could have access control or video surveillance systems installed and operating on their own. But when they're integrated to work with each other, you'll not only know when someone enters the gate with a stolen access card or another tenant's gate code - you'll also have the timestamped video clip that corresponds to it. Advanced analytics equal better intelligence, which can help you do a better job of keeping the property safe.

Night Vision

Color video at night? It's a real feature you can have in your video surveillance system. Low light cameras already do a great job of showing you what someone looks like at night, but color video gives your camera true night vision that leaves little ambiguity about an intruder's identity. When there's an integration with the access control system, you'll be able to see that clear video the moment you receive a notification about the access attempt.

Single Point Management

When systems are integrated, better security is the first benefit - but it doesn't end there. You can also manage both access control and video from a single interface, which is easily accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection. Your automated custom reports can include data for both access control and video, so you only need to look at one source of truth. Alongside reduced liabilities, a safer property for tenants and convenience, this is a best practice for the property management business.
To discuss your options for integrated access control and video, Southeast U.S. property owners can contact is3 Tech Services. We look forward to speaking with you.

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