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Biometrics and the Future of Access Control

Keyless, electronic access control systems are now the gold standard method of building security for businesses of all sizes. So for organizations that are forward-thinking and looking to embrace the future of security technology, what's the next step? The answer: biometric access control. Businesses of all types are already getting on board with this technology, from aviation and finance to healthcare and childcare. Here's how biometric access control works.

Using Biological Identifiers

Rather than issuing a card or key fob credential to swipe at a door or check-in area, biometric access control relies on a person's own biological characteristics to verify their identity and give them access to a building. These biological identifiers can be their fingerprints, facial features or even eye patterns. When the infrared technology verifies their identity, the electronic lock opens to let them through. Fingerprint scanning, facial recognition and retina scanning have already been used for decades in other applications. Now, employers of all sizes can use it for the benefit of their own organizations.

Faster Access, Fewer Worries

Biometric access control can do its job quickly and precisely. Even in low light conditions, the technology works seamlessly. This is perfect for buildings where afterhours employees or vendors need access. And for the busy morning hours, the system can scan occupants simultaneously, so that people entering as a group are authenticated one by one in seconds. Large employers and public building managers can take security off their list of worries as people are admitted quickly.

Biometrics are Foolproof

Traditional, card credentialed access control is still an outstanding way to secure a building. However, only biometric access control is 100% failsafe. While an unauthorized person could potentially steal an authorized person's card or key fob, they certainly can't steal their identity. That's what makes biometrics the future of access control. To learn more about biometric access control, southern U.S. businesses can call is3 Tech Services for a complimentary consultation. We will be glad to speak with you.

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