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Your Guide to Cloud-Based Access Control

Access control is widely acknowledged to be an effective solution for managing building traffic from a security standpoint. Leaving behind the risk of passing out keys to an untold number of employees is liberating for business owners. But if your access control data is still stored on premises, you need to know about an even better solution: cloud-based access control. Here are some important ways a cloud-based solution can benefit your access control system.

Storage and Management

  • Offsite data storage - When the system's data is stored off premises, there's no need to purchase or maintain an expensive, dedicated server - or even client computers. That's the beauty of the cloud.
  • Easy online management - With cloud-based access control, administrators have the ability to manage the systems remotely, anytime and anywhere. This is made possible by a secure website you can log into from any computer or device.

Size and Scalability

  • One card, unlimited locations - No matter how many locations your business has, you can have one card for all of them. This is perfect if certain employees are required to visit multiple locations. These authorized individuals can enter all buildings with the same access credential.
  • Scalable services - When you open one location or close another, your cloud-based access control services can be easily scaled up or down accordingly. Not having to deal with abundant equipment makes that possible.
And then, there's easier integration. A cloud-based access control solution can integrate with your business's existing infrastructure: alarms, video surveillance or even the VoIP phone system. Tell us what you have in place, and we'll make it all work together as a unified system.
To learn more about a modern, cost effective security solution, ask us about cloud-based access control. Southeast U.S. business owners can call iS3 Tech Services today to discuss their access control options.

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