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Bullet vs Dome Cameras: Which Security Camera is Best for Your Business?

When choosing a security camera system for your business, two top options are bullet and dome cameras. This guide compares the two so you can pick the right one for your commercial space.

Overview of Bullet and Dome Cameras

Bullet cameras have a long cylindrical housing for the camera, lens and storage. Dome cameras get their name from the round, dome-shaped casing containing components. Domes are more discreet while bullets are streamlined. Both mount to walls, ceilings, poles or stands.

Key Factors to Compare

Important factors when comparing bullet and dome cameras include:

Field of View - Bullets have a narrower field best for monitoring specific areas. Domes have wider 180-360 degree views for large spaces.

Aesthetics - The sleek bullet design is more visible. Dome cameras discreetly blend into indoor ceilings.

Vandal Resistance - Exposed bullets are vulnerable to damage. Dome casings help protect against impacts.

PTZ Capabilities - Bullets can integrate pan/tilt/zoom, domes typically offer digital zoom only.

Security Camera Technology Comparison

Key internal technology differences:

  • Similar 1080p to 4K resolution. Lens adjustability optimizes clarity.
  • Most models have IR LEDs for low light night vision. Check range needs.
  • Limited onboard storage in domes, versus larger SD card capacity in bullets.
  • Bullets may require a separate power adapter, domes use PoE.
  • Some have smart analytics for motion/person detection, etc.
  • Outdoor cameras should have proper weatherproofing.

Top Security Camera Brands


Verkada combines high-definition footage with intelligent analytics for features like searchable video archives and real-time alerts. Models include:


Avigilon offers advanced HD cameras with self-learning video analytics for enterprise-level surveillance. Models include:


Rhombus provides commercial-grade cameras focused on high-definition, low light capabilities, and durability. Models include:

Choosing the Right Camera

Consider visibility needs, vandalism risks, mounting options, budget and other factors. With this comparison, you can pick the security camera that best fits your business needs.

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