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Upgrading from CCTV to Hosted IP Video

Is it worth it to upgrade from CCTV video surveillance to hosted IP video? In many cases, the answer is yes. Here are some of the best reasons to make the step up to IP video surveillance.

Higher Resolution

Those grainy, low-resolution images of a legacy system may have been fine when it was installed decades ago - but today, resolution rules the world of video surveillance. Nobody needs to settle for security video that lacks basic identifiable details like facial features and license plate numbers anymore, and IP video surveillance makes sure that you don't. IP reveals those details clearly, so they can be used when needed whether it's for evidence of a crime or to fight a liability claim. Likewise, it can take several CCTV cameras to cover the same area that one IP camera covers.

Better Storage Options

Because IP video cameras are higher resolution, the video files they generate are larger. It's important to have storage that corresponds with the size of the files, and it's also critical to have options that act as a backup in the event of a system failure. Upgrading to IP video surveillance allows you to do that, by offering the option to deploy the system as a "mesh" containing multiple nodes (or links) of access. With this backup, the failure of one node doesn't have to mean the loss of your stored video. With a mesh deployment, the network finds the next best path of data transmission within the network - and your important footage is saved.

The Convenience of the Cloud

People talk about the security of encrypted video stored in the cloud, and it's true; the cloud is a very secure option for storing your private security data. But what about convenience? Cloud storage offers an advantage there, too.

A locally hosted video storage system requires a storage card, which must be in the camera at all times in order to store your video. When the card is full, you have to make a choice: continue recording and overwrite the footage, or stop recording and manually select what to choose and delete. This requires time that most managers simply don't have. With cloud storage, businesses can allow their systems to record continuously or on an event-triggered basis - but either way, the hosting service manages the storage for them. It's convenient and secure.

Upgrading from CCTV to hosted IP video can be a great move for businesses of all sizes. To learn more, contact iS3 Tech Services. We look forward to speaking with you.

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