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Transition Planning: Stakeholder Buy in and Managed Implementation

When it comes time to transition to an upgraded commercial security system, there's something to be said for delegating the duties of managed implementation to a vendor you can trust. At is3tech Services, we earn the buy-in of our stakeholders by assuring them of our experience with the critical aspects of managed implementation. As you begin your transition planning, know that you need a project management team with experience in:


With a large commercial project, the train has to keep moving. The vendor taking on project management has to be able to coordinate efforts across the entire team, including any other third-party contractors who may be involved. We have the logistical experience to do this, hitting the mark on every milestone. And speaking of milestones, your security project manager should be able to track and report on each one. That's what we do here.


Of course, the project can't commence until everything it entails is clearly identified at the onset: project objectives, scope, goals, deliverables, and required resources. Defining these aspects of the project is required before any work can begin. Once all of that is documented, we can coordinate the logistics and begin implementation.

Quality Control

When you're working with multiple technology vendors, assigning quality control to a single touchpoint team is a must. Your project management team should be that touchpoint, overseeing QC throughout the entire lifecycle of the project. This includes monitoring the receivables, thorough inspection of the work and ensuring all goals are met on time. The client shouldn't be tasked with those responsibilities; the project management vendor should.

If you're in the early stages of security system transition planning, now is the time to talk an integrator that specializes in managed implementation. You want one that treats your business as if it was their own - and that's what we offer here. For more information, call iS3 Tech Services. We look forward to speaking with you.

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