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The Benefits of Gunshot Detection Technology

In 2015, there were approximately 371 mass shooting events in the United States. Now, industries all over the world have the technology to reduce the response time of first responders to these incidents and save many lives.

What is a Gunshot Detection System?

A Gunshot Detection System is a technology designed to automatically identify and locate the source of gunfire or gunshots in real time. It typically involves an array of acoustic sensors, often deployed in urban or high-risk areas, that can quickly detect the distinct sound signature of gunshots.

These sensors are connected to a central processing unit that analyzes the audio data to determine the precise location of the gunfire.

Benefits of a Gunshot Detection System

There are many benefits to investing in a GDS, like unmatched accuracy, lightning-fast response, rock-solid reliability, privacy that's locked tight, seamless integration, and the ease of scaling up as needed. The SDS Indoor is a popular product that can help schools protect against active shooter situations.


  • Detect with confidence, avoiding false alerts.
  • Achieves a 99.9% detection rate and less than 1 false alert per 5 million sensor hours.
  • Provides certainty in identifying actual gunshots.
  • Pinpoints shot location with mapping, enhancing situational awareness.


  • Instantly notifies employees, 911, and first responders in real-time.
  • Employs high-performance Digital Signal Processing for alerts within ½ second.
  • Sends automated SMS text and email alerts.
  • Triggers high-priority 911 dispatch at the shooting location.
  • Instantly activates additional security systems for expanded awareness.


  • Backed by extensive testing, certifications, and experience.
  • Demonstrates 100% Detection Rate and 0% False Alert Rate, certified by CPNI U.K. and NTS.
  • Holds SAFETY Act Certification from U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
  • Successfully tested against FCC & UL standards by NRTL certified facility.


  • Prioritizes people, data, and network security.
  • Utilizes purpose-built microphones that detect impulsive sounds, not conversations.
  • Processes all audio at the edge, ensuring no audio leaves the sensor.
  • Enforces TLS encrypted secure communications.
  • Supports static or dynamic IP addressing, including IPV6.


  • Seamlessly connects with existing security partners.
  • Leverages certified third-party integrations with over 50 leading security technology platforms.
  • Simplifies integration with an easy-to-use API.


  • Designed for organizations of all sizes and types.
  • Offers easy scaling from workplaces to airports, accommodating various installations.
  • No triangulation or calibration needed; plug-and-play for each sensor.
  • Scales from small installations to global enterprises, accommodating one to thousands of sensors across multiple campuses.
  • Supports deployment with standard Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) or wireless connectivity.

How do Gunshot Detection Systems Work?

These systems use microphone sensor nodes to detect gunfire. Once the technology detects gunshots, the system alerts security personnel and local law enforcement. Some vendors send the data to a command center so experts can verify the information quickly. In other models, the sensors analyze the gunfire audio for verification.

Some gunshot detection technology installed in schools has software that immediately activates security cameras in the incident area. The camera then streams live video to the agencies responding. This data is crucial for incident commanders to develop a plan of action.

These sensors can also lock doors where gunfire was detected. Some vendors say that their systems can even determine the type of firearm used and how many shots were fired.

How You Can Benefit from Gunshot Detection Technology

Gunshot detection analytics changed the way authorities respond to active shooter incidents. Responders receive alerts and information much quicker than 911 calls or alarms. It significantly reduces response time to these events and helps them contain the incident quicker. The system's information is more reliable than other security solutions, especially in locations where residents are reluctant to report crime.

One city relayed that an investigation resulting from information received from their gunshot detection system helped them arrest someone with outstanding warrants and an illegal firearm. The application of these systems reaches beyond active shooter incidents.

Reduced response time to violent incidents equates to more people saved. Gunshot detection technology saves time and provides invaluable information.

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