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A Quick Checklist for Assessing Campus Security

College and university security plans are challenging to develop. The campus constantly grows and evolves, making it essential to re-assess your security plan regularly. A multi-layered, security equipment-oriented approach to security is necessary to enhance campus safety. There are several things to look at when upgrading your current plan or developing and implementing a new one.

Common Security Problems for University and College Campuses

First, it's critical to take into consideration the protective factors for individual people, the community, and the institution. Failure to do so can lead to catastrophic acts of violence on your campus.

It's also vital to work closely with your security integrator to perform a risk assessment of your campus first. You shouldn't work on your security plan until the integrator completes the assessment. Outside consultants look at your campus with new eyes and can pick out possible problem areas that are often easily overlooked by others.

Risk Assessment Checklist

Here is a quick checklist that helps you assess campus security before you upgrade or write a new security plan.

  • Security policies and procedures- Identify possible vulnerabilities and imminent threats.
  • Area surrounding the campus - Does the city infrastructure effect campus security? Could close business and changing traffic patterns impact your campus?
  • Parking lots and garages- Are these areas monitored with surveillance cameras and well lit?
  • Outdoor lighting, landscaping, and fencing- Are there areas to hide contraband and places for criminals to hide?
  • Dormitories- Many criminal incidents happen in dorms, such as theft and assault. Do these buildings have access control systems and do they meet security needs? Consider placing emergency stations around dorms and inside them if you haven't already.
  • Large stadiums, athletic fields, and arenas- Venues that draw tens of thousands of visitors may need their own risk assessment. Look at perimeter access, internal patrol policies, and access control to see what they involve.
  • Electronic Systems- Are your electronic systems such as gunshot detection technology, video surveillance, and access control integrated?

Students, faculty, and staff rely on campus security to protect them. When security fails, you also fail the victim and their family. That's why regularly assessing campus security is so important for colleges and universities.

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