Avigilon Alta H6SL Dome Cloud Camera


The H6SL Dome, a weatherproof security camera, enhances your site's security with AI-driven video analytics and the option to include a microphone.

Avigilon Alta H6SL Dome Camera Features

Experience a new level of proactive safety and security with the Avigilon H6SL Dome cloud camera, equipped with advanced analytics capabilities designed for use with Alta Aware. This cloud-native camera, the ALTA H6SL, seamlessly combines versatility with high performance, offering a maximum resolution of 5MP for crystal-clear imaging. Its plug-and-play installation, modular design, and flexible mounting options enable a swift setup, allowing you to focus on safeguarding what matters most.

Key Features:

  • 5 MP Max Resolution: Capture high-quality images with a state-of-the-art 5MP sensor.
  • 100 FT Max IR Range: Ensure visibility even in low-light conditions with an impressive IR range.
  • IK10 Impact Rating: Built to endure impacts and shocks, ensuring durability and reliability.
  • Type 4X Enclosure Rating: Designed to withstand challenging environments, providing robust protection.

Versatility Meets Performance: Illuminate your site with unparalleled clarity, regardless of lighting conditions, and harness the power of built-in AI-powered video analytics.

Intelligent Video Analytics: Elevate situational awareness with real-time analytics that deliver valuable insights.

End-to-End Cloud Architecture: Seamlessly integrated with cloud technology for efficient data management.

Flexible Deployment Options: Choose from various deployment configurations to suit your specific needs.

Open Platform with Cloud Security: Enjoy the benefits of an open platform while ensuring data security in the cloud.

Enhanced Imaging: Thanks to the cutting-edge 5MP sensor and rapid image processing, never miss a moment. High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology enables the camera to excel in high-contrast scenarios, while IR illumination ensures clear details in low-light settings. Multiple lens options provide the flexibility required for precise site coverage.

AI-Powered Alerts: Stay one step ahead of safety and security concerns with intelligent analytics. Receive real-time alerts for critical events, enabling swift response and action. The Cloud-Native Alta H6SL can promptly notify you of the presence of individuals, vehicles, or unusual occurrences, assisting in identifying potential threats. These alerts include thumbnails, timestamps, and location data, empowering you with comprehensive information to make informed decisions.

Options for Every Deployment: The ALTA H6SL Dome cloud camera is available in both indoor and outdoor models, offering a range of resolutions and storage choices to cater to your unique deployment requirements. All models boast an impressive IK10 impact resistance rating. Outdoor variants further feature IP66/67 and NEMA Type 4X ratings for superior weather resistance. An optional weather shield is available to safeguard the lens for added protection against rain, snow, and sunlight that could obstruct the camera's view.

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