Avigilon Ava 360 Camera


The AI-driven 360-degree panoramic security camera is the ultimate choice for both indoor and outdoor environments demanding complete coverage in every direction. The Avigilon panoramic IP camera excels in capturing expansive scenes in high resolution, even under low-light conditions.

The Avigilon Ava 360 Panoramic Camera: Revolutionizing Surveillance

The Avigilon Ava 360 Camera - a paradigm of panoramic surveillance. This AI-powered 360-degree security camera is an ideal choice for comprehensive coverage in diverse environments, both indoors and outdoors. With its high-resolution imaging and robust design, it ensures detailed coverage in even the most challenging conditions.

Key Specifications:

  • Resolution: 12 Megapixels, ensuring detailed and crisp imagery.
  • Field of View: Complete 360° IR coverage for all-around visibility.
  • Lens Aperture: ƒ/2.0 for excellent low-light performance.

Outstanding Features:

  1. AI Video and Audio Analytics: Integrated intelligent analytics for proactive surveillance and situational awareness.

  2. Cloud-Native Deployment: Seamlessly integrates with the Ava Aware Cloud video management system for efficient operation and management.

  3. Durable Enclosure: Vandal-resistant (IK10) and weatherproof (IP66), suited for high-exposure areas.

  4. Acoustic Sensor: Directional audio analytics to identify and locate the source of sound events.

  5. Advanced Image Sensor: High-resolution imaging with multi-exposure line-based HDR, capturing every detail even in challenging light conditions.

Enhanced Capabilities:

  • Real-Time Threat Detection: Utilizes image recognition, machine learning, and acoustics for instant anomaly and threat detection.

  • Easy Deployment: Quick online deployment with plug-and-play configuration and QR code integration for immediate setup.

  • Customizable Viewing Options: Offers versatile viewing modes like globe view, single 16:9 view, or split view for enhanced monitoring flexibility.

  • Smart Bandwidth Optimization: Intelligent video recording with dynamic bitrate adjustment based on detected objects, ensuring clear focus on areas of interest.

Added Value:

  • Extended Storage: Optional storage with up to 60 days of retention.

  • Map View with Smart Presence™: Configurable maps for real-time tracking of people and objects.

  • Occupancy Counting and Heatmaps: Tools for monitoring facility usage, customer behavior, and transportation flows.

  • Smart Search™: Simplified footage review with event-based and appearance detection search functionalities.

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