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Top 5 Best Access Control Companies

Top 5 Best Access Control Manufacturers (2024)

Access control extends beyond merely safeguarding physical entry points; it encompasses managing who is allowed to access your property, valuable assets, and confidential data.

This is crucial for both business and enterprise owners aiming to safeguard their workforce, resources, and sensitive information, as well as homeowners looking to ensure the safety of their families and possessions. Companies specializing in access control offer customized solutions designed to meet your unique requirements and preferences.

In this exploration, we'll delve into some of the leading access control companies, examining how they bolster security, optimize operational efficiency, and deliver the tranquility and assurance you seek.


butterfly mx security

Managing property access can be a major hassle, with physical keys that easily get lost or expensive access control systems that are difficult to update. That's why ButterflyMX offers a refreshing approach.

Their 100% cloud-based system allows property managers and admins to conveniently control access to buildings, units, amenities, and more through an intuitive smartphone app or web dashboard from anywhere.

Key Features:

  • Virtual Keys & Access PINs - Issue digital credentials remotely in seconds
  • Smartphone App Access - Manage permissions and view system activity on-the-go
  • Property Management Dashboard - Gain valuable insights to enhance operations

Whether overseeing a single commercial property or an entire residential portfolio, ButterflyMX makes access control easier than ever before. The system integrates with popular property management platforms, intercoms, and smart locks, creating a seamless solution.

Admins can grant timed or recurring access to visitors, staff, and tenants with just a few taps. So say goodbye to the hassles of physical keys and panels. Unlock smarter access with ButterflyMX today.


Avigilon Help Center

Discover Avigilon's Advanced Security Solutions through iS3 Tech. Avigilon brings businesses, security personnel, and homeowners a robust security system. This powerful collaboration is key in reducing theft, preventing violence, and monitoring suspicious activities with precision.

Key Features for Unmatched Protection

  • Advanced Security System: Elevate your safety with our state-of-the-art security technology.
  • Innovative Video Analytics: Harness the power of smart video surveillance for enhanced vigilance.
  • Intelligent Unusual Motion Detection: Stay ahead of risks with our proactive motion detection technology.
  • Efficient License Plate Recognition: Enhance security and streamline access with accurate vehicle identification.

Premium Products for Comprehensive Safety

  • Avigilon Security Cameras: Capture every detail with our high-definition cameras.
  • Avigilon VMS Software: Experience seamless management of your security footage.

Ideal For Diverse Security Needs

  • Businesses: Protect your assets and ensure a safe working environment.
  • Security Personnel: Enhance your capabilities in maintaining public safety.
  • Homeowners: Ensure the safety and privacy of your home and loved ones.

Why Avigilon Stands Out

  • Control Center Efficiency: Our comprehensive services include live footage access, historical footage review, and seamless integration with other security applications, providing a centralized control hub for your security needs.
  • Expert Installation and Training: iS3 Tech provides thorough installation and training, ensuring you leverage the full potential of Avigilon's security systems.

Pros of Choosing Avigilon

  • Superior Security Features: Benefit from our advanced and reliable security capabilities.
  • Crime Prevention Through Video Analytics: Stay a step ahead in preventing crime with our intelligent video analytics.
  • Dependable Security for Peace of Mind: Trust in a system designed for reliability and effectiveness.


Verkada raises $205M to build the operating system for the physical world

iS3 Tech Services is proud to offer Verkada's plug-and-play hardware as part of our comprehensive tech solutions. With Verkada, our clients can say goodbye to the headaches of on-prem servers, databases, and virtual networks. Verkada's hassle-free hardware seamlessly integrates into any existing system, allowing for a smooth and efficient setup. Our team at iS3 Tech Services is dedicated to providing cutting-edge technology that simplifies our clients' operations, and Verkada's plug-and-play hardware is a perfect example of this commitment.

Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Controllers

  • Easy to Install: These controllers are designed for simplicity. You can have them online and fully operational within minutes, streamlining the installation process.
  • Easy to Scale: Rapidly deploy new systems and manage them all from a single, intuitive dashboard.
  • Ready for Scale: Shift away from complicated on-premises infrastructure to a scalable, cloud-based solution.
  • Remote Management: Conveniently manage your system from any device, anywhere, without the need to be on-site.
  • Cloud-Managed: Utilize Command, a web-based platform, for comprehensive management.
  • Native Integrations: Benefit from a platform that natively integrates video security, guest management, and alarm capabilities.

Key Features

  • Simplified Access Architecture: Verkada's plug-and-play hardware is hassle-free. Say goodbye to on-prem servers, databases, and virtual networks.
  • Compute and Storage On-Device: Enjoy the reliability and security of on-premises infrastructure along with the scalability and simplicity of the cloud. Verkada access controllers remain operational even in the event of power or internet outages.
  • Scale Without Overhead: Verkada eliminates the need for software or firmware version maintenance, removing infrastructure redundancy and enabling unlimited scalability.

Discover more about these innovative solutions in access control and controller overviews. Verkada is transforming the way access control systems are managed, making them more reliable, scalable, and user-friendly.


Rhombus - Commercial Account Executive

Organizations now have the capability to manage access control, security cameras, alarms, sensors, and integrations from a central platform, enhancing visibility and operational efficiency at a larger scale.

A Unified Physical Security Experience The reality of fragmented physical security in highly connected modern organizations is challenging. Siloed security technologies lead to inefficient management, missed critical data, prolonged investigations, and delayed emergency responses. Rhombus Access Control addresses these challenges by enabling remote management of building access and credentials from anywhere, integrating data from various systems like Rhombus cameras, sensors, alarms, and more. This integration positions the Rhombus Platform as a central hub for physical security management suitable for companies of all sizes.

Rhombus Unified Physical Security Platform Safeguard your spaces comprehensively with the Rhombus Platform, designed to protect both inside and outside environments.

Smart, Intuitive Access Control Hardware Rhombus devices are engineered for durability, reliability, and security. The Rhombus Access Control suite includes:

  • DC20 4-Door Access Control Unit: A cloud-managed unit that simplifies installation, enables remote management, and supports infinite scalability.
  • DR20 Door Reader: A smart door reader offering multiple, touchless access options including physical card, mobile app, remote unlock, and wave-to-unlock.
  • DR40 Video Intercom: An all-in-one smart video intercom with integrated doorbell, door reader functionality, and real-time video capture of all access events.

Elevated Access Control for the Modern World Rhombus Access Control simplifies deployment and management, allowing centralized control of an unlimited number of doors and users through a unified web console. Administrators can customize access across their organizations easily and efficiently.

Streamlined Access Control Experience Rhombus Access Control brings several benefits:

  • Reliable Cloud Management: Centralize real-time management of doors, users, and access permissions from anywhere in the world.
  • Remote Door Control: Manage entry remotely and provide guest passes without being on-site.
  • Customizable Access Schedules: Automate access according to schedules and secure doors automatically after business hours.
  • Lockdown Management: Quickly execute lockdown plans during emergencies.
  • Secure and Updated: Benefit from secure, automatically updated firmware at no extra cost.

Unlock Insights with Integrated Video and Audio With native video integration, Rhombus Access Control pairs with the DR40 Video Intercom and Rhombus security cameras, offering comprehensive environmental context. Access events are automatically indexed with security footage, facilitating quick investigations and custom real-time notifications for any security issues.

  • Synchronized video clips of access events
  • Easy investigation with corresponding footage
  • Real-time guest verification at entry
  • Alerts for denied entry, face mismatch, tailgating, and more
  • Sophisticated workflows integration between access control, cameras, sensors, and alarms

Rhombus Access Control is a game-changer in modern security, offering intuitive, comprehensive, and scalable solutions for today's security challenges.


Openpath Access Control Solutions in DE, PA, NJ, MD

OpenPath provides a sophisticated access control solution, perfect for both new installations and integration with existing infrastructures. Its multi-layered security, coupled with a user-friendly interface, offers a modern alternative to traditional keycards and fobs. The flexibility of mobile access through various devices ensures convenience in visitor management. An emergency lockdown feature adds an extra layer of security, while activity history reporting keeps you constantly informed about who is accessing your premises.

Key Features:

  • Multi-layered Security with AES 128-bit Encryption: Experience top-tier protection with advanced encryption technology.
  • Cloud-Based Access Control: Manage access efficiently and remotely.
  • Mobile Access Control: Control entry from your phone, tablet, or even a smartwatch.
  • Emergency Lockdown Feature: Quickly secure your premises in critical situations.
  • Activity History Reporting: Stay informed with detailed reports of access activities.

Primary Products:

  • Access Control Technology Stack: A comprehensive suite of tools for robust access management.
  • Cloud-Based Access Control: Effortless management and scalability for your security needs.
  • Property Management Solutions: Tailored solutions to streamline property access control.
  • Video Management Integration (VMS): Enhanced security with integrated video monitoring.
  • Integrations with Various Software and Systems: Seamless compatibility with existing systems for holistic security management.

Who Should Use It:

  • Government Entities: For secure, regulated access control in sensitive areas.
  • Commercial and Personal Property Owners: Ideal for managing access to various properties efficiently.
  • Businesses: Ensure secure, convenient access for employees and visitors.


  • Multi-Layered Security: Advanced protection for your premises.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy to use for administrators and users.
  • Mobile Access and Hands-Free Entry: Convenient, flexible access options.


  • Learning Curve: The time to get acquainted with the system may vary.

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