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How Managed Access Control Equals Cost Savings & Efficiency

When you're ready to upgrade your security technology to meet current demands, trading in old-fashioned locks and keys for electronic access control is a given. But to get the most out of your new system, you need managed access control. Taking advantage of managed access control services means you're no longer responsible for the day-to-day management of your access control system. Instead, your security company provides you with a managed hosting solution. At iS3 Tech Services, here's what our managed access control includes.

Routine Access Control Updates

Every electronic system you own, from your home alarm to your business access control, requires regular updates in order to function properly. If your onsite IT staff is minimal or non-existent, then outsourcing this essential work to your security provider can be a cost-efficient business decision. Your system gets the updates it needs to perform, and you aren't burdened with expanding your workforce to support your security goals.

Reliable Access Control Monitoring

Like most security technology, installation is only the beginning when it comes to getting the full benefits of access control. Just as your alarms and cameras should be monitored around the clock for security events, your access control should be as well.

With managed access control services, you get the maximized benefits of monitoring right away. We monitor your door conditions around the clock, which means you'll be aware of any unsecured entry points or any attempts to breach access. If a door is left open or an authorized person tries to enter, you'll know about it right away so you can act appropriately.

Regular Reporting for Business Intelligence

In addition to management and monitoring, our managed access control clients receive regular reports regarding the activity on their systems. By reviewing these reports, you'll never be in the dark about who's coming in the building (or who's trying to). You'll know how many access attempts were authorized and denied every month, so you can make more informed security decisions moving forward. This is true business intelligence you can use to protect the viability of your enterprise.
Most importantly, managed access control helps you greatly reduce the risk of trespassing, theft and violent crime on your property. To learn more about this valuable service, call iS3 Tech Services today. We will be glad to answer your questions.

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