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Secure and Simplify: Our Integrated Approach to Visitor Management

Invite and manage visitors effortlessly using our comprehensive visitor management system, designed to integrate flawlessly with video surveillance and access control for a smooth, secure welcoming experience.

Verkada Visitor Management System: Seamless Integration for Enhanced Security and Guest Welcoming

Verkada's Visitor Management System is an innovative solution designed to welcome guests with seamless integration into existing video security and access control systems. This comprehensive system enhances security while simplifying the visitor management process:

  • Unified Management Interface: Incorporate visitor management within your physical security measures, all accessible through a single interface.
  • Healthcare-Specific Solutions: Tailor the visitor experience for healthcare settings with instant screening against criminal databases, EMR integration, and visitor tracking, all in one view.
  • Key Features for Optimal Visitor Management:
    • Integration with Verkada Cameras & Access Control for cohesive monitoring.
    • Role-based permissions to customize access levels.
    • Customizable visitor experiences for a personalized approach.
    • Touchless check-in for enhanced safety and convenience.
    • Calendar invitations to streamline scheduling.
    • Document signing capabilities for efficient processing.
    • Badge printing for easy identification and tracking.
    • Automatic arrival notifications for timely alerts.
    • Comprehensive analytics and reporting for insights into visitor flow.
    • Security screening for added protection.

Verkada's Visitor Management System offers a perfect blend of advanced security features and user-friendly operations, ensuring a welcoming yet secure environment for all visitors

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