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Rhombus E2 Environmental Sensor

Rhombus E2 Environmental Sensor

Smart Air Quality Control with E2

Upgrade your environmental safety strategies with the E2. This sophisticated system excels in real-time air quality monitoring, adeptly detecting smoke, vape, and volatile chemicals. With its capability to deliver prompt alerts, you are empowered to respond swiftly and effectively to any air quality incidents, ensuring a safer and more controlled environment.

E2 Sensor: Precision Environmental Monitoring

Overview: The E2 Sensor is a versatile and compact device designed to enhance environmental monitoring both indoors and outdoors. It seamlessly integrates with the Rhombus Sensor Network, providing accurate and real-time data on various environmental factors.

Key Features

  1. Compact Design: Measuring 100mm x 100mm x 40mm, the E2 Sensor is designed for unobtrusive placement in any environment.

  2. Extended Range: Offers a substantial connectivity range of up to 100m (328.04ft) from a Rhombus Sensor Network base, ensuring flexible placement options.

  3. Power Options: Efficiently powered by MicroUSB, allowing for easy and convenient setup.

  4. Accurate Humidity Measurement: Delivers precise humidity readings with an accuracy of ±3.5% from 20% to 80% relative humidity and ±5% at the extremes of 0%-20% and 80%-100%.

  5. Reliable Temperature Measurement: Capable of measuring temperatures ranging from -40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F). It boasts an accuracy of ±0.5°C from 15 to 40°C (59 to 104°F) and ±1.0°C outside this range.

  6. Advanced Detection Capabilities: Detects Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), estimated carbon dioxide levels (eCO2), total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), smoke, vape, and particulate matter, ensuring comprehensive environmental monitoring.

  7. Easy Mounting: Comes with a mounting bracket, screws, and anchors for easy installation in various settings.

  8. Indoor and Outdoor Usage: Designed for indoor use or outdoor deployment when shielded from moisture, offering versatility in monitoring.

  9. Optional Accessories: Supports an external temperature probe via jack for expanded measurement capabilities. Includes a 120V AC Adapter for Micro USB power supply.

Enhanced Environmental Insights with E2 Sensor The E2 Sensor is your go-to solution for advanced environmental monitoring. Whether it's for maintaining indoor air quality, monitoring outdoor conditions, or integrating into a larger sensor network, the E2 provides reliable and detailed environmental data.

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