OpenPath Single Door Controller

openpath single door controller

Openpath Single Door Controller Overview

The Single Door Controller offers a sleek and efficient solution for access control. This ACU can accommodate up to two entry points and is compatible with two Avigilon readers. Its use of Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) as a power source simplifies the installation process, rendering it a perfect choice for small office settings or for use in decentralized systems. This Controller is designed to autonomously manage entry permissions with high security, and its user-friendly setup is facilitated through the Admin App.

Modern Workplace Access Control 

Avigilon Alta presents a comprehensive access control system that combines elegant hardware, cloud-based management, and convenient mobile credentials. This scalable system is designed for adaptability, offering advanced security solutions for any type of facility.


  • Ensures robust security with encrypted protection.
  • Includes intelligent monitoring tools for enhanced oversight.
  • Features CloudSync Offline Technology for continuous operation.
  • Offers seamless integration with mobile credentials for easy access.

Effortless Setup and Connectivity The cloud-native Single Door Controller is equipped with various ports to connect Avigilon Readers, relays, Request to Exit mechanisms, contact sensors, and configurable inputs for Wiegand devices or additional sensors.

Streamlined Installation The Single Door Controller supports both wired and wireless connections, using PoE for power to facilitate straightforward installation. It connects easily to Avigilon readers via CAT 5/6 cables and utilizes standard RS-485 signaling for communication.

Versatile Installation Options Designed for flexibility, the Single Door Controller can be wall-mounted or fitted in single or double gang boxes. It is powered through PoE, PoE+, or an external 12V to 24V supply, allowing for installation in a variety of locations.

Comprehensive All-in-One Unit The Single Door Controller negates the need for extra hardware or centralized wiring. This compact ACU efficiently supports two readers, two doors, and the necessary relays and sensors, complete with integrated power.

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