OpenPath Smart Keypad Reader

openpath keypad reader

OpenPath Keypad Reader Overview

The Smart Keypad Reader enhances the Avigilon Smart Readers range by innovating PIN code entry. It's intuitively designed for simplicity, serving both regular users with credentials and casual visitors. Durability is a key feature, with its capacitive touch keypad built to withstand frequent use and resist tampering.

Core Features:

  • Supports multi-factor authentication for robust security.
  • Offers PIN code access for secure and straightforward entry.
  • Includes a lockdown function for emergency security measures.
  • Features a touchless 'Wave to Unlock' option for contact-free access.

Advanced Security and Robust Build

This cloud-based device not only allows for remote unlocking and PIN-initiated lockdowns but also boasts backward compatibility with existing third-party access systems through its Mobile Gateway feature.

Effortless and Hygienic Entry

  • Features state-of-the-art touchless access control.
  • Incorporates patented Triple Unlock technology for versatile access.
  • Boasts increased durability to withstand extensive use.
  • Provides robust cloud security measures.

Revolutionizing PIN Code Entry The Smart Keypad Reader redefines user experience, offering effortless and manageable access. It caters to both credentialed individuals and visitors with customizable PIN codes and touchless mobile entry options.

Versatile Access Method Support This device accommodates various entry methods, including hands-free Wave to Unlock, mobile and watch apps, tablets, and both HF and LF key cards, fobs, and Cloud Key credentials. Additionally, it allows for the activation of multi-factor authentication for enhanced security.

Designed for Security The reader is built to resist tampering, featuring a capacitive touch keypad with an easy-to-clean surface, encrypted communication, and support for auto-generated 16-digit PIN codes.

Simple Installation Process Its sleek mullion design facilitates easy flush or surface mounting. The reader can be installed using standard electrical wiring, making it suitable for both replacing and integrating with existing access control systems.

Universal Application and Management The Avigilon Keypad Reader's cloud-based Alta Access software enables remote monitoring and control of entry activities from any device. It seamlessly integrates with platforms such as G Suite and Azure AD. Additionally, it allows door unlocking via smartphones.

Comprehensive Remote Management Features

  • Offers 100% remote management across various devices.
  • Ensures secure and convenient access through mobile credentials.
  • Supports an open ecosystem for seamless integration with multiple platforms.

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