OpenPath Video Intercom Reader Pro

openpath video intercom reader pro


The Video Intercom Reader Pro is an all-in-one solution for front door security, blending live video feed, two-way audio communication, intelligent call routing, a Virtual Directory function, and dependable touchless access into one efficient package.

Revolutionizing Door Security Standards

Transform your front door's security ecosystem with the AI-enhanced Video Intercom Reader Pro, a comprehensive solution that unifies all your security devices.

Key Attributes of the Video Intercom Reader Pro:

  • Empowers hands-free voice activation for effortless and secure entry.
  • Features customized call routing to direct calls efficiently based on user-defined parameters.
  • Offers mobile video and unlock capabilities, allowing door control from anywhere.
  • Includes a Virtual Directory, enhancing user and visitor management.

Intelligent All-in-One Door Security System Elevate your security with the ability to respond to calls, monitor through live video, and remotely unlock doors using a mobile device or Control Center.

Effortless Access for Users and Visitors

  • Supports touchless 'Wave to Unlock' technology, mobile or watch apps, tablets, and various key card formats.
  • Incorporates patented Triple Unlock technology and remote unlocking features for enhanced flexibility.

Simplified Visitor Management through Video Visitors can easily interact with the intercom's intelligent voice interface, whether to call a resident, contact the reception, or leave a voicemail.

Hassle-Free Installation Its sleek mullion design is straightforward to mount, with PoE connectivity and a snap-in design for adjustable camera angles.

Backward Compatible and Interoperable

  • Integrates seamlessly with existing access systems through built-in ACU capabilities.
  • Connects with logical software systems and existing video setups via an ONVIF-compliant platform.

Universal Implementation, Remote Management The cloud-based Alta Access software enables remote monitoring of all entry activities on any device, ensuring seamless integration with ONVIF video systems and offering smartphone-based door unlocking.

Features at a Glance:

  • 100% remote management across devices.
  • Secure and convenient mobile credential usage.
  • Open ecosystem for extensive integration possibilities.
  • Reimagined front door intercom technology prioritizing ease of use and robust security.

User-Centric Functionalities:

  • Voice-activated, touch-free interface for secure and hygienic access.
  • Customizable call routing aligns with specific user needs and schedules.
  • Smart mobile video intercom for global access control and communication.
  • Mobile-friendly tenant directory, accessible via QR code for immediate directory access.

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