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Genetec Security Center

Integrated Security Solutions, Boundless Opportunities

Is your security infrastructure evolving alongside your ambitions?

As the landscape of security technology and sensors widens, embracing an open and adaptable security framework becomes essential. Yet, over time, traditional integration methods prove inadequate. Purpose-specific APIs and interfaces eventually hit their capacity, leaving your system lagging behind your evolving requirements.

Enter Genetec Security Center, a platform designed with a distinct vision. It's engineered to consolidate all your data, enabling efficient management of security policies, event monitoring, and investigative operations. Its comprehensive ecosystem supports the integration of necessary technologies to address new challenges. Unlike platforms limited to specific tasks, it effortlessly incorporates various data types into a single interface, ensuring your security system scales with your needs.

Introducing Genetec Security Center: The Future of Unified Security Solutions

Why Choose Security Center?

  • True Unification: At the heart of Security Center is our commitment to true unification, integrating multiple technologies and partnering with leading providers to offer a comprehensive security solution.
  • Proven Performance: Trusted by the world's most demanding organizations, Security Center ensures the safety of people and the continuity of operations with its reliable performance.
  • Secure by Design: Adapt to the changing nature of threats with a platform that prioritizes comprehensive cybersecurity strategies, keeping your system and data protected.
  • Trusted Network: Opting for Security Center means joining a network supported by Genetec's channel partners, all of whom are equipped with extensive technical training and backed by a dedicated team of engineering and support specialists.

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