ButterflyMX 8" Recessed Intercom

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The ButterflyMX 8" Recessed Video Intercom adds seamless look to your building entryway. Designed to fit flush into any wall or masonry surface, this high-tech intercom combines a polished modern aesthetic with smart visitor screening and access control.

The 8" LCD touchscreen allows visitors to call residents directly from the doorstep using two-way video and crystal-clear audio communication.

Enhance Your Property's Frontage Appeal

Elevate your property's entrance with our elegantly designed ButterflyMX 8" Recessed Video Intercom System.

Remote Door Management Make a lasting first impression right at your entrance. Opt for our 8" recessed video intercom, embodying sophistication and blending perfectly with your entryway, whether mounted on a wall or a pedestal.

This intercom features a refined touchscreen shielded by durable polycarbonate glass, encased in a weather-resistant housing. It stands resilient in all weather conditions, from heavy rain to bright sunshine.

Coupled with our robust mobile application, the 8" recessed intercom streamlines access control for residents, ensuring they are always connected to visitors and deliveries. Its wireless nature means freedom from complex wiring or costly in-unit installations.

Explore Additional Features:

  • Dynamic Online Management Dashboard: Manage, update, and oversee property access remotely with ease.
  • Seamless Integrations: Compatible with a variety of systems for enhanced operational efficiency.

Security and Control

  • Audit Trails: Keep track of door activities with time-stamped photos stored for a year, ensuring full visibility.
  • Permission Management: Easily adjust access rights for tenants or couriers, including virtual keys and delivery PIN controls.
  • PMS Compatibility: Integrate seamlessly with property management software for automated access permission adjustments.

Technical Specifications Overview

General Attributes

  • Designed to be IP65 outdoor-rated, ensuring resistance to water, dust, and cleaning agents.
  • Integrated WiFi & RFID for seamless connectivity options.
  • Equipped with a wide-angle camera, optimized for heightened security.
  • Capable of functioning in extreme temperatures, ranging from -40ºF to 140ºF (-40ºC to 60ºC).
  • Embedded infrared proximity sensors, adept at motion detection.

Entry Control

  • Incorporates four dry contact relays, featuring adjustable timing mechanisms.

Power Specifications

  • Compatible with standard NEMA 5-15 power sockets.
  • Accepts a panel input voltage range of 9-24VDC.
  • Normal power usage is 12.7W at a 24VDC input.
  • Peaks at a maximum power usage of 34W with a 24VDC input.
  • The relay has a maximum switching current of 2A and a maximum switching power of 62.5VA.
  • Advised to use a dedicated electrical circuit on a UPS for stable, conditioned power.
  • Includes two advanced USB 3 ports for additional connectivity.

Video Features

  • Supports adaptive bitrate technology, enabling video transfers up to 1080p HD quality.
  • Offers a broad 156° field of view for comprehensive surveillance.

Touchscreen Interface

  • Comes with an anti-reflection and anti-fingerprint coating for maintenance of clarity and cleanliness.
  • Features capacitive touch technology with multi-touch functionality.
  • The auto-adjusting LED screen can brighten up to 1500 Nits.
  • Constructed to be vandal-resistant for enhanced durability.
  • Boasts a clear resolution of 720 x 1280 for crisp display.

Network Connectivity

  • IP configuration is automatically managed via DHCP.
  • Designed with both wired and wireless network capabilities for flexible installation options.

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