ButterflyMX 12" Recessed Intercom

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This sleek, wall or pedestal-mounted intercom is not just a visually appealing addition to your entryway; it's also built to endure extreme weather. Thanks to its robust polycarbonate glass and weatherproof casing, it remains operational in various conditions, from rain and snow to wind and sun.

The wireless design of the 12" recessed video intercom simplifies installation, significantly cutting down on costs associated with traditional wiring or in-unit hardware. It offers residents the luxury of managing property access directly from their smartphones, ensuring a modern, efficient, and delightful entry experience.

A Fusion of Safety and Sophistication for Your Entryway

Elevate your property's access experience with the stylish and robust ButterflyMX 12" Recessed Video Intercom.

Seamless Access Control Perfectly integrated into walls or pedestals, this intercom is a standout feature for any gate or door. Its sleek touchscreen design belies its strength - it's built to endure all weather conditions, safeguarded by durable polycarbonate glass and a weather-resistant casing.

Wireless Convenience Go wireless and say goodbye to costly building wiring or internal hardware. The 12" recessed intercom cuts down on installation expenses while offering residents easy smartphone-based access to the property.

Advanced Management Features

  • Comprehensive online dashboard for remote management, updates, and monitoring of property access.
  • Audit Trails: Keep track of door releases with date- and time-stamped photos stored for a full year.
  • Permission Management: Easily modify access for tenants and couriers, including virtual keys and delivery PINs.
  • PMS Integration: Seamlessly connect with your property management software for automated access control.

Robust Specifications

  • IP65 rated for outdoor use, resisting water, dust, and cleaning agents.
  • WiFi & RFID connectivity, enhanced with a wide-angle security camera.
  • Operates in extreme temperatures from -40ºF to 140ºF (-40ºC to 60ºC).
  • Equipped with infrared motion detection and dual USB 3 ports.

Entry and Power Features

  • Four adjustable-timing dry contact relays.
  • Standard NEMA 5-15 power socket, with energy-efficient power consumption.

High-Quality Video and Touchscreen

  • Delivers up to 1080p HD video with a wide 156° field of view.
  • Anti-reflective, anti-fingerprint touchscreen with multi-touch functionality.
  • Bright, auto-adjusting LED screen with vandal-resistant features.

Network Capabilities

  • DHCP assigned IP, supporting both wired and wireless connections.

This 12" recessed video intercom not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property's entrance but also provides a secure, user-friendly, and cost-effective access solution.

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