Boon Edam Lifeline Speedlane Vision with Facial Recognition


Seamless Integration, Superior Security

Step into the future with the Boon Edam Lifeline Speedlane Vision, where facial recognition technology meets optical turnstile efficiency. This advanced system offers touchless access control, integrating high-resolution cameras for biometric identification and infrared sensors for tailgating detection.

Designed for high-security facilities like airports and corporate headquarters, the Speedlane Vision provides a hygienic, efficient entry solution that enhances security and user experience in equal measure.

Boon Edam Lifeline Speedlane Vision: Revolutionizing Entry Management with Advanced Facial Recognition

The Lifeline Speedlane Vision represents a significant leap forward in optical turnstile technology, blending state-of-the-art facial recognition with sleek, intuitive design to deliver unmatched security and efficiency for modern workspaces.

Unparalleled User Experience

  • Intuitive Approach Detection: Advanced sensors prepare the system as users approach, ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted entry experience.
  • Sophisticated Facial Recognition: Integrated with Oosto's facial recognition camera, the Speedlane Vision offers discreet, accurate identity verification, operating seamlessly for a frictionless entry process.

Designed for Efficiency and Safety

  • High Throughput Capacity: Capable of processing 25-30 people per minute, facilitating swift, efficient traffic flow even during peak times.
  • Enhanced Tailgating Detection: Equipped with precise sensor arrays for immediate detection of unauthorized access attempts, bolstering security measures.
  • Safety-Centric Features: Fail-safe operation during power outages and dedicated fire alarm connections ensure compliance with emergency egress standards.

Key Features

  • Advanced Facial Recognition Technology: Integrating seamlessly with Oosto's sophisticated facial recognition camera, the Speedlane Vision offers a discreet yet powerful layer of security. This technology ensures accurate, on-the-move identification, enhancing throughput without compromising security.
  • Intelligent User Guidance System: With intuitive-colored LED lights navigating users from entry to authorization, the Speedlane Vision simplifies the passage through secured areas, making the process straightforward and user-friendly.
  • Tailgating and Anti-Spoof Detection: Employing an intricate network of sensors, the Speedlane Vision excels in detecting tailgating attempts and distinguishing between real users and spoof attempts, ensuring that only verified individuals gain access.
  • Optimized for High Traffic Flow: Designed to accommodate 25-30 individuals per minute, the Speedlane Vision maintains a high level of security even during peak times, effectively managing large groups without delay.
  • Ergonomic and Space-Saving Design: The slim, V-shaped cabinet not only complements any architectural style but also optimizes space, providing a security solution that doesn't intrude on the facility's aesthetic or functional area.
  • Sustainable Operation: Featuring a low-energy "sleep" mode, the Speedlane Vision reduces power consumption when not actively in use, demonstrating a commitment to environmental sustainability alongside technological innovation.

Elegant Form Meets Functional Excellence

  • Slim, Ergonomic Design: The V-shaped, tapered cabinet features a minimal footprint, optimizing space without compromising on functionality or aesthetics.
  • Dynamic LED Guidance: Intuitive-colored LED lights guide users smoothly from entry through authorization, enhancing the user interface.
  • Premium Material Finish: Crafted from stainless steel, the Speedlane Vision embodies durability and design elegance, fitting seamlessly into any architectural environment.

Technical Specifications:

  • Operational Versatility: With a temperature tolerance range from -15°C / +5°F to +50°C / +122°F and operating power of 80W, it's built for reliability under various conditions.
  • Adaptable Configurations: Flexible lane configurations and barrier heights cater to specific site requirements, ensuring a tailored solution for every entrance.

Elevate Your Space with the Lifeline Speedlane Vision

Choose the Lifeline Speedlane Vision for a sophisticated, reliable entry management solution that keeps pace with the demands of the modern workforce. Its integration of cutting-edge technology within an elegant design framework sets a new standard for secure, efficient, and unobtrusive access control.

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