Boon Edam Lifeline Speelane Open | Barrier-Free Optical Turnstile

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Seamless Security with Uncompromised Security

The Boon Edam Lifeline Speedlane Open redefines accessible entry with its open, barrier-free design and integrated infrared sensors for secure, efficient monitoring. Tailored for environments that prioritize accessibility and security, it offers a hands-free, alarm-activated system for managing entry. Ideal for healthcare settings, stadiums, and public venues, the Speedlane Open ensures that security is maintained without physical barriers, welcoming authorized users while keeping unauthorized access at bay.

Boon Edam Lifeline Speedlane Open: The Unobtrusive, Barrier-Free Security Solution

In today's world, enhancing security in public and private spaces is not just a preference but a necessity. The Lifeline Speedlane Open by Boon Edam stands at the forefront of this mission, offering a security solution that merges unobtrusiveness with efficiency. Designed to secure areas without imposing a sense of exclusion, it represents the perfect blend of open accessibility and stringent security.

Intuitive and Welcoming Entrance Solution

The Lifeline Speedlane Open is designed to integrate seamlessly into any environment, providing a layer of security that is as inviting as it is effective. Its barrier-free design ensures a smooth flow of people, making it an ideal choice for locations that prioritize both security and aesthetics.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Approach Detection: This feature ensures that the system is always ready for the user, utilizing cutting-edge sensors to detect an approaching person and activate the lane, providing a seamless entry experience.
  • Sophisticated Tailgating Prevention: The Speedlane Open is equipped with top-tier sensor technology designed to accurately identify and prevent tailgating attempts, ensuring that only authorized users can access the secured area.
  • Ergonomic and Space-Efficient Design: The V-shaped, tapered cabinets not only enhance user comfort but also optimize spatial utilization, making it an ideal solution for areas where space is at a premium.
  • High-Quality Construction Materials: Built with durability and aesthetics in mind, the Speedlane Open utilizes premium materials that guarantee a long-lasting, visually appealing presence in any setting.
  • Customizable Lane Configurations: With the flexibility to adjust lane setups, the Speedlane Open can be tailored to fit the specific requirements of your environment, accommodating a wide range of access control needs.
  • Low-Energy Operation Mode: The inclusion of an energy-saving "sleep" mode demonstrates a commitment to sustainability, reducing power consumption during periods of inactivity without compromising security effectiveness.
  • Intuitive User Interface: Featuring universally recognized display symbols, the Speedlane Open guides users through the entry process with clear, understandable instructions, facilitating an intuitive and straightforward experience.

Enhanced Security Without the Barrier

The Lifeline Speedlane Open redefines the concept of security entrances by offering a solution that doesn't rely on physical barriers. Instead, it focuses on advanced detection technologies to maintain a secure environment, making it an exceptional choice for buildings looking to maintain an open, inviting atmosphere while controlling access effectively.

Seamless Integration for Comprehensive Security

Beyond its physical design, the Lifeline Speedlane Open is engineered for easy integration with time management and access control systems. This capability allows for detailed monitoring and management of entry and exit, providing a sophisticated layer of security that complements its minimalist physical presence.

Choose Lifeline Speedlane Open for Your Space

Opt for the Lifeline Speedlane Open to enhance your space's security and aesthetic appeal without the visual and physical impediments of traditional security barriers. It stands as a testament to the possibility of achieving stringent security standards while preserving the openness and accessibility of public and private spaces.

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