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Boon Edam Circlelock Solo Security Interlocking Portal


The Ultimate Access Control Security Portal

The Boon Edam Circlelock Solo is a high-security interlocking portal designed for controlled single-person access. This compact, high-tech solution is perfect for areas where space and security are critical.

With its advanced tailgating and piggybacking prevention features, integrated access control options, and emergency protocols, the Circlelock Solo is ideal for securing sensitive areas such as data centers, labs, and more. Experience the ultimate in security technology, where design meets functionality in the most sophisticated way.

Discover unparalleled security with Circlelock Solo, the definitive solution for secure, single-entry access. iS3 Tech Services proudly presents this high-security mantrap portal, designed to prevent unauthorized access and ensure individual identity verification with precision and elegance.

Comprehensive Security Solutions

The Circlelock Solo is not just a door; it's a fully integrated security system designed for critical areas requiring the highest level of protection. From its sophisticated sensor systems to its robust construction and seamless integration capabilities, every aspect is crafted to provide fail-safe security.

Technical Excellence and Innovation

  • Sophisticated Door Construction: Featuring curved side walls, canopy, and door wings made from extruded aluminum and tempered safety glass, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Advanced Drive and Control Systems: Equipped with dual AC motors and microprocessor-based controls for smooth, reliable operation and speed regulation.
  • Enhanced Security Features: Incorporates StereoVision® anti-piggybacking technology, fail-secure/fail-safe locking, and a comprehensive suite of sensors for unparalleled security management.
  • Custom Communication and Alert Systems: From visual and voice alerts for unauthorized entry attempts to a variety of security and operational status notifications, ensuring every entry is authenticated and monitored.

Unmatched Installation and Operational Integrity

  • Precision Installation: Adherence to stringent site conditions ensures flawless functionality, with detailed guidance on floor levelness, power supply, and environmental readiness.
  • Comprehensive Warranty and Support: Boon Edam's commitment to quality is backed by a robust warranty and the assurance of iS3 Tech Services' expert installation and maintenance support.

Versatile and Customizable

The Circlelock Solo caters to a diverse range of high-security environments, offering customization options like bullet-resistant glass and additional biometric authentication, allowing for a personalized security solution that meets specific operational needs.

Seamless Integration and User Experience

Designed for compatibility with existing access control systems and engineered for both ease of use and maximum security, the Circlelock Solo sets the standard for secure portal solutions. Its intuitive operation, combined with iS3 Tech Services' expertise, ensures a seamless integration into your security architecture, enhancing both safety and operational efficiency.

Partner with iS3 Tech Services for Advanced Security Solutions

With the Circlelock Solo, iS3 Tech Services delivers more than just a product; we provide a comprehensive security solution, tailored to your specific needs. From consultation through installation and beyond, our partnership ensures your assets are protected with the most advanced technology available.

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