H5A Dual Head Camera

H5A Dual Head Camera Overview

The Avigilon H5A Dual Head Camera delivers expanded coverage and visibility with two 5MP sensors capturing high-resolution 4K video. Featuring LightCatcher imaging technology, true WDR, 98ft IR illumination range, and intelligent video analytics, this low-profile, vandal-resistant camera provides exceptional image quality in challenging lighting conditions.

The H5A Dual Head Camera: Enhanced Surveillance Precision

Explore the cutting-edge Avigilon H5A Dual Head Camera, a pioneering solution in security technology. Tailored for monitoring complex and confined areas, this dual-sensor camera enhances your surveillance capabilities, ensuring no blind spot goes unnoticed. Ideal for stairwells, hallways, and critical entry or exit points, this camera is your vigilant eye where it matters most.

Its rugged, weatherproof design enables reliable performance for 24/7 outdoor surveillance, while flexible mounting options allow discreet installation. Combined with remote security management through Avigilon Control Center software, the H5A Dual Head Camera is an advanced HD surveillance solution for comprehensive area coverage and event detection.

Key Specifications:

  • Maximum Resolution: 10 Megapixels, delivering sharp and detailed imagery.
  • Infrared Range: Offers an impressive 98 feet of IR illumination, ensuring clarity in low-light conditions.
  • Durability: Features an IK10 impact rating, signifying robustness against physical impacts.
  • Weather Resistance: Boasts IP66/67 weather ratings, ensuring functionality in diverse environmental conditions.

Notable Features:

  1. Dual-Sensor System: Two sensors in one camera, maximizing coverage and minimizing blind spots in challenging areas.

  2. Next-Generation Video Analytics: Equipped with advanced analytics for proactive detection of critical events and unusual activities.

  3. Wide Operating Temperature Range: Ensures consistent performance in various climatic conditions.

  4. ONVIF Compliance: Meets ONVIF S, T, & G standards for seamless integration with various security systems.

Advanced Capabilities:

  • AI-Driven Surveillance: Incorporates AI technology for facial recognition and Unusual Activity Detection, enhancing response times and security efficiency.

  • Avigilon Appearance Search Support: Streamlines forensic investigations, enabling quick location of people or vehicles of interest across your site.

  • Efficient Coverage: Two sensors allow for effective monitoring of areas typically requiring multiple cameras, such as L-shaped corridors, staircases, and critical indoor/outdoor points.

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