Avigilon H5A IR PTZ Camera

Ensure detailed monitoring across your entire site, regardless of size or lighting conditions

Discover unparalleled surveillance with the H5A IR PTZ camera, designed to empower your vision in the darkest conditions. This state-of-the-art camera features an automated IR illumination range of up to 300 meters and the unique ability to view 20 degrees above the horizon. Available in 2, 4, and 8 MP models, it offers 360-degree coverage, up to 40x zoom, and high-resolution imaging, ensuring superior visibility across extensive sites, even in challenging lighting.

H5A IR PTZ Camera – Ultimate Visibility and Advanced Surveillance

Unmatched Visibility in Any Condition

  • Full Visibility, Anywhere: The H5A IR PTZ camera ensures you have complete visibility no matter the size of your site or the darkness of the environment. It's designed to capture crucial details to protect what's most important to you.
  • Enhanced Coverage in Darkness: Ideal for challenging environments like pitch-black airfields or dimly lit parking lots, the H5A IR PTZ eliminates the need for costly auxiliary lighting. It can see up to 300 meters in complete darkness, with automated IR illumination that adjusts the projection angle based on zoom level and field of view, ensuring consistent illumination. Its unique ability to look 20 degrees above the horizon offers more coverage than standard PTZ cameras.

Advanced Surveillance Features

  • Next-Generation Video Analytics: Equipped with cutting-edge video analytics, the H5A IR PTZ camera brings a new level of intelligence to security.
  • Auto-Tracking Capabilities: With its built-in auto-tracking, the camera autonomously follows and zooms in on flagged persons or vehicles, enhancing evidentiary detail and aiding in real-time responses and forensic investigations.
  • ONVIF S, T & G Conformance: The camera adheres to these standards, ensuring compatibility and integration with a variety of security systems.

Rugged and Reliable for Outdoor Use

  • Built to Endure: The H5A IR PTZ is not just a camera, but a fortress. Rated IK10, IP66/67/68, and Type 4X, it's impervious to impact, water, dust, and corrosion.
  • Extreme Environment Ready: Tailored to withstand extreme weather, temperatures, humidity, shock, and vibration, it meets NEMA TS2 environmental standards, making it perfect for traffic monitoring and other challenging outdoor applications.

Versatile Resolution Options

  • High-Resolution Imaging: Available in 2, 4, and 8 MP options, the camera offers 360-degree views and up to 40x zoom, ensuring detailed, high-resolution imaging across extensive areas.

Ideal for

  • Large industrial sites
  • Traffic monitoring
  • High-security areas
  • Any outdoor or challenging environment requiring detailed surveillance

Secure your premises with the H5A IR PTZ camera - where advanced technology meets unparalleled visibility.

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