Talking Turnstiles with Smarter Security

Andy: Hey, everyone. We’re here with another podcast today. I’m here with Dan from Smarter Security, and we’re going to talk about turnstiles, the effective use of them, the different types of them and some problems they solve. So everybody welcome Dan, and we can get started with an overview of turnstiles and types and …

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Talking Cloud Security with OpenEYE and Feenics

https://youtu.be/lkAnDGqBjJY Andy: Good Friday everyone, or at least it’s Friday when we’re recording this thing, but I’m here with Kyle with OpenEye and Paul with Feenics. And we’re going to talk about the benefits of cloud security and I’m not talking about like cyber security necessarily. What I’m talking about is actually moving your infrastructure …

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Talking AI with Avigilon

Andy: Thanks Jeff for being here. Everyone, this is Jeff with Avigilon. And if you don’t know Avigilon, you should know Avigilon because they are a leader in physical security devices, mainly surveillance and access control. And they kind of wrote the book on marrying the two of them together, and we’ll get into some …

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door access reader

How safe is your facility Access Control Vulnerabilities

How safe is your facility? – Access Control Vulnerabilities John and I talk about facility Access Control systems and some of the vulnerabilities! Andy Terrell: Okay, let’s get this thing started. Good morning, everybody. Happy Friday, and hope your working from home is smoothly happening and there’s some sort of normalcy in your life. Although …

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use your phone to access your building

How Does Remote Video Monitoring Work?

Remote video monitoring is a service that many organizations contemplate, but few truly understand until they see it in action. If you’re a business owner concerned about loss prevention and property crime, it’s time you found out what remote video monitoring can do for your security.

A Quick Checklist for Assessing Campus Security

College and university security plans are challenging to develop. The campus constantly grows and evolves, making it essential to re-assess your security plan regularly. A multi-layered, security equipment-oriented approach to security is necessary to enhance campus safety. There are several things to look at when upgrading your current plan or developing and implementing a new one.