Avigilon Panoramic & 360 Degree View Cameras

Full spectrum coverage, without a single blind spot

Avigilon panoramic security cameras provide enhanced coverage capabilities. The Fisheye IP cameras deliver inconspicuous 360-degree surveillance ideal for low ceiling spaces like classrooms and meeting rooms.

Dual Head cameras feature dual sensors for comprehensive bidirectional coverage of hallways and stairwells.

For the broadest coverage, multi-sensor cameras contain 3-4 sensors for multidirectional monitoring. Well-suited for building corners and intersections, they elevate security while reducing costs since each camera requires just one VMS license.

Complete Coverage for Businesses

360 degree cameras, widely known as panoramic cameras, are becoming an increasingly popular security camera choice for businesses and commercial properties. Unlike traditional fixed cameras that only provide a limited field of view, 360 cameras give a complete 360 degree view of an area, eliminating blindspots. This comprehensive coverage is invaluable for monitoring large open spaces like warehouses, retail stores, parking lots and more.

Avigilon offers sophisticated 360 degree camera systems designed specifically for commercial use. Avigilon's line of panoramic cameras capture high definition video with detailed image quality across a wide area. The seamless, stitched panorama footage integrates easily into the Avigilon Control Center security platform. From one intuitive interface, users can view and control the entire facility.

360 security cameras are especially useful for businesses migrating to cloud-based video surveillance. Cloud systems allow remote access from any device, enhanced cybersecurity protections, and flexible storage options. Avigilon offers secure cloud solutions that leverage the expanded coverage of their 360 cameras.

360 degree security cameras deliver complete situational awareness to enhance safety and security in commercial settings. Avigilon leads the industry in high-quality, enterprise-level panoramic cameras and software. Businesses that adopt this advanced technology can benefit from robust coverage, centralized cloud access and the cutting-edge capabilities of Avigilon Control Center software.

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