An Introduction to Remote Managed Services

When you’re ready to dive into a modern security solution for your business, switching all your traditional door locks for electronic access control is a great first step. But if you’re concerned that investing in electronic access control means more work for you as a business owner, there’s remote managed access control. Upgrading to managed access control services takes the responsibility for day-to-day security management off the business owner’s plate. And, it’s perfect for businesses where IT resources are limited. Here’s why.

We do the updates.

Most security technology requires routine updates in order to operate properly, and access control is no exception. But if your onsite resources are restricted to a small IT staff (or no IT staff at all), then outsourcing this important work to your security company can be a wise business decision. With remotely managed services, your access control system gets the updates it needs, when it needs them – and as the business owner, you can feel good about keeping your staffing budget where it is.

We do the monitoring.  

In order to do its job as effectively as possible, your security technology should be monitored 24/7. In most cases, simply having access control installed simply isn’t enough to get the best security benefits. With managed access control services, the maximized benefits of monitoring are included. With us monitoring your entry point conditions 24 hours a day, you’ll be aware when a door is left open or an authorized person attempts access. After getting our alert, you can address it right away as you see fit.

We do the reporting.  

As our remote managed services client, you’ll also receive routine reports regarding the activity on your access control system. By reviewing these reports, you’ll always be aware:

  • Who’s entering your building, and through which entries
  • When employees are showing up late
  • When employees are attempting to come in before or after business hours
  • How many access attempts were authorized and denied every month

Because of our reporting, you’ll be able to make more informed security and hiring decisions over time. Most importantly, managed access control services help you significantly reduce the risk of criminal activity on your business property. To learn more about our managed access control services, call iS3 Tech Services today.

About iS3 Tech Services

iS3 Tech Services is a full-service security deployment provider that services clients throughout the southern United States. Our mission is to help our clients mitigate risks, minimize disruption, reduce costs, and ultimately protect their technology investments. To discuss your electronic security project, call us today at 404-487-6009.